Life Changing Experiences

Laughter Yoga improved my hearing power

I started coming to the laughter club since the last two years. Earlier, I could not laugh openly, but now with regular laughter practice, I can laugh freely and openly. I had a slight hearing problem and my ears were blocked, but hearty laughter..

Laughter helped me through difficult times

My brother David and my sister-in-law recently died in a plane crash in the USA. After hearing the news of the accident my mother who is suffering with cancer had another setback. She developed a serious condition of pneumonia and septicemia and ..

Reborn In the Laughter Club, India

It’s usual to celebrate one’s birthday the day one is born. But not so for Mr. Vishwamohan from Vijayvada in southern India. He celebrates his birthday on the day he joined the Laughter club! He feels he got a new lease of life and wa..

Laughter Yoga Improved my Parkinson

I was suffering with severe Parkinson’s which made me feel helpless and dependent. But, a year ago, I joined the laughter club and since then my condition improved by almost 50 per cent. I used to go through terrible tremors of Parkinson wi..

Laughter Yoga Changed My Life

Laughter Yoga helped me get my life back. It gave me a postive mental attitude to go through the most challenging phase of my life. I have a disease called Crest and was given just three years to live in the year 2000. I took to Laughter Yoga ser..

Laughter Yoga Helped In Severe Depression

In January 1997, my thoughts of suicide became frequent and by April 1997 I was officially diagnosed with Clinical Depression. Over time my condition became severe and by this year I was spending over $400 on depression medication each month.