Challenge Your Assumptions

Challenge Your Assumptions Would you be surprised if I told you that some of your assumptions are always wrong? In fact, today, I would like you to question your assumptions. It may be difficult, but it is the only way to view the world from a new perspective. It is […]

Who Is My Guru?

What better time to answer this question than around this time of Guru Purnima- an Indian festival dedicated to all teachers and gurus. It is celebrated in the month of June – July on a full moon day, when people pay their respects to their teachers and express their gratitude.

Laughter and Silence-A Spiritual Retreat In India

A new self-awareness program has been developed by Dr. Madan Kataria, MD, based on an age-old Indian wisdom stating that life is like a house with five rooms, those being – self, family, work, social and spiritual. If your life is to be balanced, every room needs to be well […]

Lessons Learned From “DAISY”

Almost all us, at some time in our life, have been bothered by constant provocation and pestering by some people leading to absolutely infuriating situations hard to deal with. You will find yourself getting sucked into a vortex of negativity and frustration. So how does one deal with it? Either one has to give in or resort to helpless reasoning, which most times does not work.

Advertise Your Weakness!!

Advertise Your Weakness!! Every person has a fair share of strengths and weaknesses, but very few have the courage to talk about their weaknesses. It is understandably difficult to open up and admit to one’s faults and try to rectify them. Sometimes, we go through our entire life hiding our […]

So What? Mantra For Happiness!

Who was Yamma Gucchi? A stray dog! Conceivably hard to believe that a dog taught me the toughest lesson of life. But, it was true. Yamma was one of the waifs and strays in my neighborhood. Looked after by an old couple, Mr. and Mrs. Anand, she had earned quite […]

Unfolding Your Unlimited Potential Through Spirituality!

All of us have access to unlimited intelligence. Call it God, higher intelligence, cosmic intelligence, quantum or unified field. Every human being has the ability and potential to connect to the higher mind which is the ultimate creative force and works like a miracle. Science tells us that we use […]

Happiness Formula From M.K.Gandhi

M K Gandhi needs no introduction. He is one of the heroes I worship. He has given me strength and courage to live a life full of purpose and meaning. I learned from him that if you follow the path of truth; you have nothing to fear. Truth and love […]

Laugh At Your Self- A Value Based Exercise

A major problem we face today is that we have become overly sensitive to what people say. We always give a meaning to the words, even though the person might not have meant what we interpreted. This hurts, and we keep on suffering. This happens because of the ego mind […]

Attachment in Life Stop Us From Laughing !

In Laughter Clubs, we laugh for no reason, to get the multifold benefits of laughter and yogic breathing on the body and mind. In addition to the physical and mental benefits, we also try to identify the various factors in our life which stop us from laughing. We discovered five […]

Spirituality Means Oneness with one and All.

It is very hard to give a simple definition of spirituality. Everything in the universe: human beings, animals, plants, environments, planets, in fact all living or non living material objects – are a part of universal consciousness which is a constant flow of energy. Our life as human beings is […]

Laughter Yoga-A Spiritual Approach Towards Non-Violence

These are just my thoughts on how a simple thing like becoming a vegetarian can help dissipate violent thoughts and negative emotions. Almost all great spiritual leaders in the world have spoken against violence and have endorsed non-violence in daily living and thinking. As Laughter Yoga is based on unconditional […]