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In addition to my weekly St Louis Laughter Club, I have been doing a second Laughter Club monthly at a senior apartment building. It started when I did a program for them last Spring, and the seniors started asking for me to come back. So I went back a month later and did another program. I love doing Laughter Yoga with all seniors, but I fell in love with the residents at this particular building. It is a fascinating mix of people from all sorts of ethnic backgrounds. Well, the Club was meeting monthly for awhile and then due to some scheduling problems they were having, we did not meet for 2 months. Most of these seniors are in their 80's and 90's, and some have memory problems. I wasn't sure when I went back if they would return to the group. And the attendance had been small as it was.

Last week I returned after my 2 1/2 month break. 10 people came which was a large group for them. One gentleman walked in and told me he had been practicing what I told him to do in his apartment. He said when he felt down and lonely, he would go heh, heh, heh, and start laughing. He said, "you know, it works! I do feel better." Another woman came in with another story, and they all told me they were happy I was back. I was amazed. We had such a nice time. I even brought them home made cookies, and they were very appreciative. I went home and my mood was elevated the rest of the afternoon. The group is now open to seniors from the community - slowly, I hope to see it grow. Seniors are just starved for the chance to play and laugh.

I think Laughter Yoga is an important anti-aging tool for seniors. I see the pictures of the vibrant seniors from India and I am inspired to keep going. This is my anti-aging medicine as well. I am 58 years old now, and am well on my way to becoming a senior. Laughter Yoga is so important for seniors. It is as good or better for them than all the medicines!

Laughter IS the best medicine!! Very good, very good, YEAH!!