Can’t find a Laughter Club in your area? No Problem!! Join Laughter Club on Zoom & laugh 365 days from your home

Free Online International Laughter Club with Dr. Kataria

Friends, we are going through very hard time. Due to COVID people are facing lot of mental health problems. Daily laughter yoga practice can save your life.

Laughter yoga online can help you to keep your stress levels down, boost immune system, and keep your mind positive during challenging times. Laughter and breathing exercises will keep your lungs fully oxygenated and can prevent viral and bacterial infections.

Come and join the founder of Laughter Yoga clubs worldwide Dr. Madan Kataria for free online laughter session on Zoom every day at 7.30 am India time. Also there is another session at 6 pm on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. here are the Zoom link and password.

Please sign up for zoom and click on the following link.

Password: 12345



Laughter Club Calendar

Did you know that there are hundreds of online laughter clubs on zoom, and you can laugh with people from different countries and cultures any time you wish to, according to the time convenient to you? Our laughter yoga ambassador and genius Marnix from The Netherlands has made this possible. He created a Google calendar of worldwide online laughter clubs on zoom.

Here are the highlights of the Google calendar

  • It will automatically show the timing according to your country. You don’t have to do any conversion.
  • If you click on the link, it will show all the details like the time, the zoom link, and the password.
  • You don’t need to save the zoom links and passwords. Just click on the link, and you’re in.
  • You can laugh several times in a day with different groups worldwide.

Click here to find the google calendar.

Laughter Club Calendar

Online Basic Learning Course for beginners

Learn from the founder Dr. Madan Kataria how to bring more laughter and joy into your life. You will learn how to practice laughter exercises everyday at home with your family and friends.

These are personalized teachings from Dr Kataria over 6 lessons (60 minutes duration each) over Zoom. All sessions are recorded and you can watch videos at your convenience in case you miss any sessions or are not able to attend.

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