Laughing Alone -Sparkie Lovejoy

I have been doing laughter Yoga alone for 1/2 hour everyday since my leader training. I have received many “unrelated” benefits…release from hoarding tendencies (cleared out garage, closets, stuff ), am having a lot more fun in my parenting, am way less stressed about money, career, parenting, driving, connecting with people. I used to isolate, you know, keep to myself. Now I am talking with anyone about laughter yoga and am available for connection. I am showing up in life.

I finally found a good reason to come out of hiding.

I am living in a flow of joy with amazing coincidences and support…I am in awe and deep gratitude of the support that is happening in my life. My whole life has somehow stepped into this river of joy that is carrying and supporting me into the ocean of wholeness and oneness. And I am loving it.

I’ve gotten release from a tormenting mind that judges, condemns, criticizes, keeps score, acts superior or inferior…never equal etc.

My heart has opened to myself and others, creativity is coming to me and out of me like NEVER before…I am discovering who I am through laughter.

I began Laughter Yoga in good health and continue it everyday for prevention. I have lost 5 pounds in the process. hahaha Laughter Yoga has been awesome for my self esteem. This is the best I have ever felt about myself. The best part is it keeps getting better and better….Hooray.