Life Changing Experiences

Laughter Yoga connected me to Whole Body Peace

I’ve always loved to laugh and found it everywhere. When my brother died of AIDS I felt emotionally derailed. My heart was heavy. I had so many questions, the greatest was, “Why didn’t he tell me he was sick?” His death ca..

Laughter Yoga For Balanced Life

I started the Laughter Club of La Prairie-Montérégie, QC, Canada five years ago. As a leader, I like laughing weekly with the members and interacting with them. I even practice laughing alone together with proper breathing exercises..

Laughter Yoga helped me to Love

Becoming aware of laughter yoga for me was not a coincidence, but simply magic! I was doing shopping in a small shop in Puttaparthi (South India) and I noticed that there was a small book titled “Laughter for no reason”.Since I was a ..

I Laughed Away All My Troubles!

I used to run my own archery business for 25 years, but last year on July 24th I had a strMarcia Wyman I Laughed Away All My Troubles! oke that incapacitated my left side totally and I spent 4 days in the hospital. The prognosis was that I would ..

Laughter Yoga Has Taken Over My Life

My first laughter club experience was with Sparkie Lovejoy. After doing the Laughter Yoga Leader training with Jeffery Briar she was inspired to start a daily laughter club to support her commitment to laugh every day f..

How I Came To Laughter Yoga

I owe the fact that I became interested in Laughter Yoga to my father, which is a bit of a paradox. My father, an academic with a scientific background, widely read and traveled was a very rational and serious man. He was proud of his intellectua..

Laughter Yoga For True Happiness

In high school I was convinced that the best thing while dealing with politics is to be happy and produce happiness, but when I tried to do it, I realized it was not possible because you had to accept to work for someone and their interests. I th..

Ha Ha Helen of LAFOLOT’s Story

I come from a ‘good-hearted’ but challenged family of 7 children, a creative/vaudeville-type funny dad who worked 42 years for the Bethlehem Steel Co., and a mom who left her nursing career early on – to raise 7 children. My mom..

Accepting All That Is As It Is Through Laughter Yoga

I have had a dramatic life. Like many people who have had dramatic lives with genuine suffering and trauma, I became addicted to drama as a normal way of living with no proportion or sense of perspective. And, like many people, I thought, I must ..

Inner Spirit Of Laughter Helped Me Cope With Grief

Over a month ago, my son, daughter in law and two friends of theirs were subjected to a nightmare of an assault and robbery. After six hours of being kidnapped, they were left in the middle of nowhere in a mountainous area, barefoot, with no swea..