Life Changing Experiences

The First Roving Laughter Report !

Hello everyone, all over the world! This is the first, of I hope many “Roving Laughter Reports!” I hope that a Laughter yoga exchange program will develop all over the world and more people can enjoy an invaluable experience! Everyone..

Laughter Yoga for Physical and Mental Health

My name is Jayne Meldrum I live in Sandy Beach, New South Wales, Australia. First time I heard about laughter yoga was in 2009. I had just turned 52, feeling old so I decided to get health & became a fitness instructor. A lady called Kathy Po..

I learned To Let Go

Training to be a certified laughter leader has changed my life in so many positive ways. To begin with, I would have to say that I truly feel different inside. I am a much happier, grateful, upbeat person who is able to share this easily with oth..

Laughter Came Back Into My Life At A Cemetery

I became a laughter leader in 2002 and ran Laughter Clubs for senior citizens. After the Laughter Club ended, I stopped offering any laughter programs. Several years later, I started to work at a cemetery working with the families. Part of the jo..

Laughter Yoga Helped Me Cope With Difficult Times

For me, the sound of laughter has all not always been pleasant. As I lost my father at age 1, and my mother at age 12, I spent a large majority of my childhood in an orphanage. Unfortunately, the laughter was often directed towards me by being ma..

A Clown Who Learnt To Laugh!

I am a professional clown who spent 30 years making people laugh, but that does not mean I can still do it. On the contrary, my life became darker and darker, eventually reducing me to a depressed and severely ill perso..

I Became More Confident

I had the chance to discover Laughter Yoga 4 years ago and have been promoting it full time for the last 2 years, after I lost my job unfortunately. I have since published a book for teenage parents with a full chapter on Laughter Yoga and how to..

I Learned To Laugh In Adversity With Laughter Yoga

Do you believe life composes different magic moments which lead you to the path of your dream? I do. I chanced twice upon Laughter Yoga before finally ending up in the Laughter Yoga Teacher Training Course in Bangalore.

Few years ago, I w..

How Laughter Yoga Changed My Life

One day my daughter invited me to come with her to a Laughter Yoga session as she had already tried it and was all for it. At the beginning, the exercises, especially the ones where I had to force myself to laugh, were so embarrassing that I prom..

Laughter Yoga Improved My Eyesight

It happened spontaneously for me a few weeks ago, after two and a half years of Laughter Yoga practice. I had bought a magnifying lens for reading the fine print on supplement bottles and for reading in bed at night. At work one day, I realized I..