Life Changing Experiences

My Laughter Journey – A Life Changing Experience

I am very blessed because I am always cheerful, bubbly and happy. Self-employed, I am a full-time swimming instructor since the last 10 years, and am happily married to a wonderful, loving and understanding husband.

My life routine was te..

Laughter, My Best Buddy!

Laughter has been my best buddy as far back as I can remember. I grew up with a father who loved to make people laugh. He was always smiling and laughing. As a young child I was very sensitive – I mean super ..

Laura Gentry

Unos días después de la cirugía de reemplazo de cadera de mi madre, le reportó a mi padre algunos síntomas inusuales y éste la llevó de inmediato a urgencias del hospital. Ahí descubrieron q..

Laughter Yoga improved my health

Two years after graduating from Moscow Aviation Institute in 2010, I was fortunate to get the most precious gift of Laughter Yoga from my friend. Called “Anju’s Yoga Lessons”, these lessons were conduc..

Laughter Yoga Helped Me Quit Smoking

I was a very heavy smoker (more than 30 cigarettes a day). Just before I traveled to the US to take my Laughter Yoga Leader & Teacher course with Dr. Kataria I had a very strong cold and couldn’t smoke because..

Laughter Yoga Helped Me Rediscover Myself

Laughter Yoga came to me in response to my request to serve the world. I wanted to deliver something from me to others. Starting a Laughter Club and sharing unconditional laughter and joy was my answer. In the process, I rediscovered and began to..

Laughter Yoga Brings Back Laughter To Mankind

The style of introducing oneself during the certified Laughter Yoga training changed my entire perception regarding Laughter Yoga. It begins with ‘Tell your name and laugh, ha ha ha. Tell where you come from and laugh, ha ha ha. Tell what y..

I Found My Life’s Mission With Laughter Yoga

As a child I was very happy with lots of laughter and lots of friends, but unfortunately it did not last when I grew older. I studied finance and always worked in this field. But that didn’t make me smile. What did make me smile was the tim..

Laughter Yoga helped Me Cope With My Pain

Some days ago, I was running a laughter class in our club. My idea was to lead the class for the first minutes, because I needed to leave my club-mates, at a given time, in order to reach a bookshop for a Laughter Yoga presentation.

I was..

Laughter Yoga Taught Me To Love

To me, life has been a series of events that I have labeled as either good or bad. I’ve carried these experiences around with me and have given them power to prevent me from doing certain things. I have been continuously worried about what ..

Laughter Yoga Helped Me Reach Out

My background is in the performing arts and I have been presenting comic health, literacy and stress management educational programs in schools, libraries and theaters for 28 years. I discovered Laughter Yoga 2 years ago when Mary Rives and Keith..

Why Laughter Yoga Chose Me

I love to laugh. I always have. I married a man who loved to laugh as much as I did. For a while, everything was great. But just as what happens in most peoples lives, things became too serious. My husband and I were both involved in the stressfu..