Life Changing Experiences

Laughter Yoga Relieved My Stress

Even before attending the Laughter Yoga training in India, I was conducting short laughter sessions whenever there was an opportunity to share laughter. However, I felt I lacked full knowledge about the concept and was somehow not able to apply i..

Portugal – Laughter Yoga Healed Sadness

Portugal has been known as the ‘land of sadness’ for a long time and people found it difficult to laugh. But today, it is a perfect example of how Laughter Yoga can change attitude and even culture. It was introduced in 2004, but was ..

Laughter Yoga Increases Happiness

After graduating I worked as a technical trainer in the IT industry for a short while, after which I became an Education Manager, and since 2000 have been working as a free-lance in training and coaching for companies and universities.


Taizo Yokokawa, Tokyo, Japan

I came to know about Laughter Yoga through a television program in August, 2009. I was greatly inspired by laughter professionals Mary and Takashi Tadokoro, and the unique concept of Laughter Yoga in which anyone can laugh without relying on humo..

Laughter Yoga and Spirituality

I was among the 24 participants in the Laughter Yoga course together with a journalist, from New Yorker magazine. We spent five days learning about the health benefits of laughter, how to run sessions including anything from corporate teambuildin..

Laughter Yoga Helped Cope With Adversity

My mother always said that her two children had very hardy laughs. While my brother became an investment banker, I had to find something else to fall back on.As a recovering class clown, and a former talent agent and casting associate, who worked..

Laughter Yoga – A Powerful Tool For Health

I am a registered Hatha Yoga teacher and have been teaching it for the last 10 years. I also run a Yoga studio with Caty, my soulmate. In January, 2008, I got the opportunity to experience my first Laughter Yoga session. The effect was so profoun..

Laughter Yoga Brought Joy

I was a very highly strung, spoilt, and emotionally neglected child who grew into a rebellious teen and a temperamental adult. Much of my life was a cycle of angry, hateful outbursts that would morph into long episodes of self-loathing and self-h..

Laughter Yoga and Tapping Helped in Panic Attacks

Two nights ago, I was awakened with what I know was a major panic attack – heart racing and crying hard. I didn’t know what to do and how to control it. I finally started deep breathing and decided to add some “Ho Ho Ha Ha&rsquo..

Laughter Yoga For Complete Wellness

I was feeling very burned out in the summer of 2006, when I discovered this new form of body-mind fitness. To cope with my stress, I went to a peaceful yoga retreat in the mountains of North Georgia. After settling in, I looked at the class sched..

Laughter Yoga Reduced My Pain of Rheumatism

I’ve been suffering from acute rheumatism since I was 15, and two serious whiplash injuries worsened my discomfort. At the age of 43, I was forced to stop working as a Nurse and needed home help and domiciliary care. For several years, I wa..

Laughter Yoga Benefits

The beginning of 2006 was a trying time for my wife and me. I’d left my job to re-enter private practice as a hypnotherapist and life coach, and it wasn’t going nearly as well as I’d expected. Then we decided to buy an office, b..