Life Changing Experiences

My Laughter Yoga Story

My Laughter Yoga story begins a little bit different. It was one weekend when my son and his wife and kids came over to see us. As we chatted, my daughter in law told me about an article she read on Laughter Yoga. I thought that was exactly what ..

Laughter Yoga Gave me More Energy More Laughter

Eight years ago, I was an aspiring comedienne constantly working on jokes, trying to find the punch line. Laughter had begun to invade my every day existence and I was a little obsessed with making people laugh. I was laughing with friends, co-wo..

Laughter Yoga Helped Me To Express Emotions

I was always a melancholic child. After being sexually abused by a stranger, followed by the suicide of my Dad when I was 6 years old, I retreated away from people, into my mind, the only place I felt I had ‘control’. This often resul..

Touching Human Lives With Laughter

During the last hundred days, my wife Radhika and I have laughed with more than a thousand people. It has really been a life changing experience! We are now proud to have a life skill with us wherein we can connect to any group of people anywhere..

Laughter Yoga Enhances Relationships

Laughter Yoga has greatly enhanced our relationship and has brought so much more laughter into our everyday life. The playfulness it creates has also helped to balance our lives as we are usually doing left-brain activi..

Laughter Yoga Helps Cope With Multiple Sclerosis

I am the owner of Universal Laughter Yoga with a passion for sharing the joy of laughter. Throughout my youth and into adulthood, I was an avid swimmer and runner with a fascination for nutrition.

Life has a tendency to take us along a fr..

Laughter Helps Discipline Children

Recently, I visited an elementary school gymnasium with about 300 children from kindergarten to 5th Grade. As I work with behavior health facility and teach experienced based workshops and programs, I was invited to work with classrooms to encour..

Coping In Hard Times With Laughter Yoga

About a year back, I was diagnosed with cancer of bilateral ovary stadium the IIIrd C. I did not know what would become of me, till I was introduced to Laughter Yoga that really changed my life. Though I kept my faith i..

Laughter Yoga – Right Way To Fulfill My Dream

In January 2009, I concluded the Laughter Yoga Teacher Training in Mumbai, and came back to Japan. The next morning, at 6.40am, I started a Laughter Club at a small nearby shrine. I have never stopped laughing since then.

In Japan, it is ..

When Life Throws You Lemons, Just Laugh!

For many years, I have been teaching about the many benefits of laughter to my university students. To demonstrate my point, I would teach students the basic rules of comedy, play some games together, and then we would laugh. However, some studen..

Laughter Yoga Helped Overcome Chronic Pain

When you hear the sounds “Ho ho ho!” it might mean you‘re with Santa Claus. But chances are, you’re in the presence of PositiveLY Pat (Conklin), an energetic and engaging Laughter Yoga Leader/Teacher, speaker, and Laughter..