Life Changing Experiences

Laughter Yoga Made Me More Compassionate

I heard about Laughter Yoga in a Yoga Class. My yoga instructor got me involved and, on my very first session I felt I could conquer the world! Ever since, I do not take life seriously. I have become more compassionate, and am surprised to see ho..

Laughter Yoga Gave Me The Confidence To Do Anything

In 2003 I attended my first Laughter Yoga session in a local club near my home. It turned out to become a life changing experience. I went to the club, thinking I could work on my laughter like a muscle, making it stronger. But quickly I discover..

Laughter Yoga Changed my Life Style

I was not always a funny, enertaining person. As a kid, I was rather a shy and solitary boy who preferred to read books or play computer games instead of having fun with other kids. I believed that nobody can like such a fat boy as me. However, a..

How Laughter Yoga Saved My Marriage

Several years back things were not so great in my life and in my marriage. I wasn’t happy as two small children were stressing me out and I wasn’t getting time for myself. I felt isolated without much social support and my husband and..

Laughter Yoga Helps Cope With Grief & Sadness

I’m proud to tell you that my Laughter Yoga Club (CHIBARIYO! Laughter Yoga Club of Okinawa) now has three days a week sessions, and it has really changed quite a few people’s lives. In fact, recently, laughter helped us to get over th..

What Laughter Yoga Means To Me

Laughter Yoga has been a paradigm shifting experience for me. In December 2008 I embarked on becoming a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader thinking I could add this activity to my cache of programs for senior citizens. I had no prior knowledge or exp..

My Laughter Yoga Experience

I had my first Laughter Yoga experience in the year 2000, but it was only in 2010 that I became a certified laughter leader and started two Laughter Clubs. I worked for different major commercial enterprises. They hired me to increase their sales..

Laughter Yoga In Kuwait

I recently did three Laughter Yoga sessions in Kuwait – the first was my family who at first thought it was peculiar, but soon accepted the idea and learned to laugh with me. We didabout 15 foundation exercises, gibberish conversations, and..

Laughter Yoga Story

Shareen Richter, laughter professor who lives in Johannesburg South Africa has been spreading laughter all throughout South Africa and the World. She first went to Mumbai in January 2009 to do Laughter Yoga training with Dr. Madan Kataria. It was..

La Risa Alivió los Retos de mi Vida

La primera vez que escuché sobre Yoga de la Risa fue durante un segmento de fin de semana en mi entrenamiento de 200 horas como Maestra de Hatha Yoga en el 2009. En ese tiempo, estaba padeciendo mucho dolor de espalda baja y cadera debido ..

Laughter & Silence Retreat – A Great Experience!

It was a wonderful experience to go through the Silence Retreat program and observe three types of meditations namely Silence, Hearing and Humming. I felt very relaxed and light, especially during the exercise of writing a letter of forgiveness. ..

Laughter Yoga Becoming Popular In Doha

A recent article in Gulf News reports the growing popularity of Laughter Yoga in Doha, thanks to Doha resident and certified Laughter Yoga teacher Gabi Pezo, who had seen tumultuous years while growing up in a “dysfunctional family”. ..