Life Changing Experiences

Laughter Help me through major surgery

I have had my abdominal surgery and have three incisions,. I made the most of what I had learned in the laughter movement and had fun doing it! I blew up balloons for two weeks ahead to strengthen my lungs and abdomen- and practiced laughing. For..

Laughter Yoga Helps Transform Negative Energy

I conduct the Osho dynamic meditation in a yoga studio in my city. Always on the lookout for something new for my participants, I stumbled upon Laughter Yoga where one had to just laugh for 30 minutes in order to get great health and spiritual be..

Laughter Helps Cope With Tragedies

Having gone through some tough times in recent years, including the heartbreaking deaths of loved ones, I can very well say that, if I hadn’t had the laughter, I’d probably be at a mental health ward. I was a very serious person and I..

Laughter Yoga Helps Recover From Disaster

This is an account by Eiko Saito a 54 year old woman, who was a witness to the dreadful tsunami that hit Japan in 2011. She very well describes how a group of people, huddled in a building, amidst terror and panic eased their fears through Laught..

Laughter Yoga Helped Me Cope With Cancer

In 2007 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and my life was destroyed in a second with the news. I cried for few minutes and then asked God to help me to calm down so as not to scare my children and family. My prayers were answered and I could se..

Laughter Yoga Reduced My Rheumatoid Condition

The last few years, I have been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. It is a disease when the pain migrates all the time. It hurts your hands, legs, the neck, and the knees – There is constant stiffness, fatigue, aching or shooting pains. I..

Laughing to withstand every unexpected

I like to tell you what happened to me recently. Also, I was invited to share my experience by Dr. Kataria. On September 15th, I was in Milan railway station (Porta Garibaldi), coming back from one of my tours around Italy to share Laughter Yoga...

Laughter Makes You Positive And Joyful

For years, I knew about the importance of laughter and good health; but I have to admit that I had never heard of a laughter workout. Then, I met Maurine Pachter, a Laughter Yoga Instructor who invited me to her workout and I’m so glad she ..

My Personal LY Story

For many years I am fascinated by the story of HOTEI – a Japanese God of happiness, based on a true story of a monk, who travelled from village to village and was just laughing, laughing, laughing …

Both – kids and grow..

Laughter Yoga Changed My Life & Mind

Some time back my boss sent me an article about the growing phenomenon of Laughter Yoga clubs, along with the simple directive: “You should do this.” It sounded great and as it turned out, it was. Initially reluctant, I’d hoped ..

Laughter Yoga Has Changed My Life!

My husband Fred and I live a life of Parisian bobos. While he is a lawyer, I am a journalist and our two little boys, Armand and Orel go to Kindergarten. In the year 2000 we hit our 40s and decided to go and live on the edge of the Mediterranean ..