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Rheumatic Patients Laugh Away Their Pain

Laughter may not be the most scientific alternative, yet it has proved to be a great exercise to ease pain and provide respite from arthritis stress. This was recently proved in Hong Kong when Felice Liu Hoi-ting conducted a laughter session for ..

Laugh For Good Health & Happiness

People around the world are fast discovering the several health benefits of Laughter Yoga and are becoming more and more regular with their laughter sessions. One such class in North Carolina conducted by Liza Engstrom’s incorporates traditional ..

Laugh To Keep Yourself Healthy

It has been proven that laughter helps to treat certain physical and mental diseases by reducing the stress and trauma caused by them, strengthening the immune system, increasing the supply of oxygen as well as improving the overall mental state,..

Laughter Yoga - Perfect Antidote To Stress

It is a known fact that Laughter Yoga is the best way to relieve stress and cope with life’s challenges. It is one such exercise routine that has the ability to reduce physical, mental and emotional stress simultaneously. It provides major health..

Laughter Heals Pain In Death and Grief

It may seem strange, but it’s true. Laughter and humor are two great ways to cope with death and grief. Most people believe that hospitals are places for sadness but they can also be a place for humor, which can make people feel lighter in hopele..

Laughter For Pulmonary Hypertension

Serena Lawrence: After being diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension in 2013, I began to look high and low for things to incorporate into my lifestyle that could help me with overall wellness.

I came across laughter therapy..

Lawyers Practice Laughter Yoga

A recent video shows lawyers from Herbert Smith Freehills, an international law firm, enjoying a Laughter Yoga session at their Dubai office. They willingly embraced the unusual class and had a great time laughing like never before.  All par..

Laughter Yoga To Boost Mental Health

It has proven that Laughter Yoga helps people benefit tremendously mentally as well as emotionally. It is a single exercise routine that provides complete body – mind wellness.

Here is an interesting report of how concerted effort is bein..

Laughter Yoga - Good For Parkinson's


Laughter may not be a cure for Parkinson's but it has much to offer on several levels to help the patients by calming and reassuring, and improving their quality of life. People usually suffer from confusion and frustration, gi..