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Delhi Cops Use Laughter Yoga To Help Seniors

Delhi Police recently organised Laughter Yoga camps to bring more laughter into the lives of senior citizens. Lack of social contact, poor physical and mental health, family isolation and inability to use modern communication has led to a rapid r..

Redcliffe Laughter Club Australia

There is a rapid rise in Laughter Clubs worldwide as more and more people feel the difference in their physical and mental health by practicing laughter exercises on a regular basis. Keeping the movement going, two women, Tenielle Dorling and Lis..

Laughter Not Just Heals - It Connects People

This recent article once again establishes the magic of Laughter Yoga which has proved to be an ideal workout routine that has provided several mental, physical and emotional benefits to people worldwide. It is a doorway into a world of wonder, w..

Largest Laughter Yoga Class Sets a Guinness Record!

The Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS), Odisha, entered the Guinness Book of Records for organizing the largest ever Laughter Yoga class. Held in Bhubaneswar, on August 291, 2017, the class was attended by 15,991 students from the larges..

Spread Laughter to Bring More Happiness

Monika Roth, Laughter Ambassador, Germany: Laughter Yoga really helped to change my perspective towards life and people. It has motivated me to spread the word of laughter and bring more happiness and joy into the lives of people..

Laughter Yoga Helps Seniors Age Care Homes

It has been proven that Laughter Yoga is an ideal exercise for the elderly as one does not need any cognitive abilities to laugh. It combines simulated laughter exercises with deep breathing and clapping, which is very easy for seniors to follow...

Laughter Yoga for Great Abs!

It has been proven that just 10 minutes of Laughter Yoga provides the same physical benefits as jogging for 30 minutes on a treadmill! So why go through tedious exercises when you can laugh and have great abs! Watch this interesting video, where ..

Laughing In the face of MS!

Having multiple sclerosis is no laughing matter. However, that does not mean laughter does not have a place in dealing with MS. In fact, Laughter Yoga for multiple sclerosis may be just the ideal medicine with no side effects!

In this hig..

Now Laughter Yoga on Radio!

So far, we’ve seen Laughter Yoga on TV, joined the sessions on telephone and Skype, but now we even have it on the radio! Certified Laughter Yoga teacher Sue Haswell recently led an on-air Laughter Yoga radio session at the Babbacombe Theatre, To..