Reborn In the Laughter Club, India

Sukumar Satapathy

It’s usual to celebrate one’s birthday the day one is born. But not so for Mr. Vishwamohan from Vijayvada in southern India. He celebrates his birthday on the day he joined the Laughter club! He feels he got a new lease of life and was ‘Reborn’ in the club. Constantly troubled by never-ending illnesses for the last 30 years he had almost given up on life. From chronic diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiac problems to diabetic neuropathy, he had been suffering immense pain and anxiety right through 53 years of his living.

He had a bypass surgery for his heart problem in 1999 but still had to endure other health complications. Disillusioned with constant medication and rising stress levels he decided to adopt an alternative method to help him feel better. On January 14th, 2002, he joined the local laughter club. Gradually his life underwent a remarkable change. His health improved considerably as his ECG, BP and blood sugar levels stabilized. He had never felt so much healthier in his entire life. He firmly believes that laughter helped him rejuvenate and nurtured him to good health. He feels grateful to the day he joined the club and therefore now celebrates it as his ‘new found birthday.’