Life Changing Experiences

PBS NOVA Filmed My Laughter Yoga Club

My journey with laughter yoga began in 2007 when I received an e-mail inviting me to a leader training in South Africa. Attending that training was not an option for me, so I began doing research and discovered a training much closer to home near..

A Soul Searching Experience

I was born and raised in India but have been living in Japan for the last 33 years. I came across an article on Laughter Yoga somewhere in late 90’s. Few weeks later, I saw a TV program which showed people laughing loudly and doing ‘f..

Laughter Yoga In Romania

In September 2010 I read the book of Lenny Ravich,“ A Happy Thing Happened on the Way to Enlightenment” and then I had an insight – I can do much more that I actually do to help people! I soon founded an association called &ldqu..

Laughter Yoga – A Great Healer!

Scientific studies have long confirmed the vast potential healing powers of laughter, and my most recent experience once again proved this. Last October as I was going back to my car, I missed a step and slid to my left side before landing on my ..

Laughter Yoga Made Me Feel Alive After A Stroke

Sitting in my living room, thoughts came slowly, and that is an understatement. It was the second week of December 2011; just a few days after I had a stroke, and all I knew is my brain that always moved quick and fast had slowed to a polite rest..

Laughter Yoga in Bangkok – Thailand

I have been a full time, non-salaried volunteer worker for 35 years in 25 countries – The longest time being in Thailand. I have been doing Laugher Yoga for the past 5 years after the health ministry of Thailand a..

Promoting Laughter Yoga Training

I first heard about Laughter Yoga when I was working for a community clinic. I was preparing for a wellness group especially for women and I decided to include a laughter session to see what it was. After seeing the ses..

More Positive

Though originally from Mumbai, I have been living in Moscow since the last ten years. I experienced Laughter Yoga about 15 years ago when I visited Mumbai with my mother- in-law who was very active in the Laughter Yoga social clubs when they just..

Laughter Yoga Lightened Up My Life

I was fascinated several years ago when I first heard about Laughter Yoga opportunities in the Twin Cities in Minnesota. My partner, Laurie Savran, began to attend the Lake Harriet Laughter Club, facilitated by Jody Ross, several weeks before I b..

Laughter Yoga Helped Me Manage My Diabetes

Laughter Yoga isn’t for everyone, but it’s been an absolute gift for me and has been a remarkably powerful force in my diabetes management. The activity itself doesn’t lower my blood sugar — alth..

Laughter Yoga Makes One Feel Energetic

Recently, a lot of people suggested that I post something about my experience with Laughter Yoga… well, here’s what I came up with: Back in early 2007, a friend of mine told me she did Laughter Yoga trainin..