Sandra Mandl
Free Public Seminar

In the series "Vernetzt" of the Main-Kinzig Health Network, on Tuesday, July 5th, from 6.30 p.m. in the Spessart FORUM, it will all be about laughter and especially about laughter yoga. Sandra Mandl and Barbara Weiß from the "Anderes Burnout Café" and "Lachtreff Bad Soden-Salmünster" show that you don't just laugh when you're in a good mood. Laughter also puts you in a good mood. Laughter yoga is a unique concept that allows anyone to laugh for no reason. It is enough wanting to laugh. Already at the first contact with laughter yoga, you can experience the beneficial and health-promoting effects, because the positive effects and emotions are direct noticeable: you open yourself to the Here and Now, everyday life recedes into the background. Through laughter hormones are released in the body that promote psychological well-being and even can relieve pain. Laughter is a real boost of energy for the body: more oxygen gets into the cells, the Metabolism and the immune system are stimulated and the lungs stretched to the tips - pure breathing therapy. Barbara Weiß and Sandra Mandl provide insights into the effects of laughter yoga, of course directly with a few exercises to try out directly.

On one Tuesday a month, an expert in the Spessart FORUM illuminates a health-related issue topic and answers visitors' questions. Please note that we can only allow a maximum of 180 visitors. Due to Covid we also recommend wearing a medical mouth and nose protection.