Registration of LY Professionals

We are starting the process of giving registration numbers to all Laughter Yoga leaders, teachers and masters. This will be like a Permanent Registration Number (PRN), which is essential to manage the database and build a strong community of LY professionals worldwide.

Merv Neal

Testimonials – Why are they so hard to get?

So you just nailed a brilliant session, everyone said it was the best thing they’ve ever experienced, the client raves about you in front of the adoring crowd who gives you a standing ovation, and then you email and ask for a testimonial and don’t get one. We’ve all had that sinking feeling. So what went wrong?

Laughter Yoga for Corporates

15 minutes and 5 minutes presentation of Laughter Yoga

What would you do if you’re given only 15 minutes or sometimes just 5 minutes to do a Laughter Yoga presentation? I have done it several times in business conferences, where I was brought in to do an ice – breaker session in between other speakers and here is the suggested breakup of the timeline.

Frequently asked questions by Laughter Yoga professionals

While conducting Laughter Yoga sessions in a Laughter Club, trainings, seminars, workshops etc. you might face some awkward situations which may make you a bit nervous. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions: 1. How to deal if a group member gets injured, becomes ill or has mental health problems? Set an example…

Mistakes and Embarrassments

Mistakes and Embarrassments

  • Pigeon poop laughter
  • Doggie doo-doo laughter
  • Drop food on your shirt laughter
  • Trousers fall off laughter
  • Smelly armpits laughter
  • Lose your towel laughter
  • Itching powder laughter
  • Parking ticket laughter
  • Someone walks in while you’re changing clothes laughter
  • Drunk laughter

Laughter Yoga Is A Great Healer

It has already been proven that Laughter Yoga empowers people with unconditional love, self-worth and inner peace. It is the best healer and helps people cope with their pain and hurt in life.

Merv Neal

What’s your strategy? How will you win the war?

The word strategy means “to trick or deceive the enemy”. It’s an old military term that I learned in my six years serving in the Royal Australian Air Force. So how does this relate to business? If you don’t have a clearly defined business strategy, then you risk failure at the hands of the enemy, aka the competition.