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Laughter Exercise Is the Best Medicine

Presented by Sherry "S/he Who Laughs, Lasts" Konigsberg RSVP needed Very Popular Limited Space Directions & Information: email sherry@celebratingablespace.com Laughter for the Health of It: "In Chinese Medicine, Laughter is the synergistic or balanced aspect of a healthy spirit; enriching life with laughter, feeling the opening of compassionate heart and

The Role of Laughter as Therapy in Natural Medicine!

Much has been said in the media lately about the benefits of laughter and why we should laugh more. The fact is that we were born with the gift of laughter - it lifts our spirits and makes us more joyful. Laughter as therapy aims to use the natural physiological

Laughter the best medicine for Taoyuan veterans in Taiwan

Since the beginning of August, residents at Taoyuan Veteran’s Home have been practicing laughter yoga, filling the once-lifeless place with the sound of laughter. A month of laughter therapy has produced an almost magical effect, with some veterans rediscovering their youthful vitality. Located in Taoyaun County’s Bade City, the home

Laughter & Integrative Medicine with Clifford Kuhn MD.The Laugh Doctor

Laughter & Integrative Medicine After spending 8 Years in the Pharmaceutical Industry, One of my passions has become Integrative Medicine.What is Integrative Medicine ?According to WebMD, Here is a brief description of Integrative Medicine. http://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/features/alternative-medicine-integrative-medicine?rdserver=www.integrativemed.webmd.com Treating the Whole Person Both doctors and patients alike are bonding with the philosophy of

Laughter is Best Medicine!!

Did you know that not only is Laughter the Best Medicine but it is the fastest and easiest way to destress. Research has shown and proven that when we laugh out loud for at least ten minutes, our body naturally makes a cocktail of chemicals, that kill cells in our

Laughter Yoga – The Best Medicine For Winnipeg Seniors

Jeannine Carman a certified Laughter Yoga leader in Winnipeg, Canada, regularly hosts laughter workshops primarily with seniors, some with severe dementia and Alzheimer's disease, and she says the benefits are evident right away.