Laugh Out Loud For Good Health

Laughter is undoubtedly the best medicine. And Wellness Laughter Yoga aims to deliver just that by holding laugh out loud sessions at Lewes library and other places in coastal Delaware.

Merv Neal

The importance of an Elevator Speech(es)

An elevator speech is never delivered in an elevator. Its origin is in the concept, that if you got into an elevator and somebody asked you what you do, you have 30 seconds between the ground and the top floor to tell them. The skill is not in the delivery of “one” Elevator Speech, but the ability to have “many of them”, ready to go, when required.


Corporate Laughter Exercises

Dave Berman and I are working on the leader and teacher manuals. We are updating the lists of laughter exercises and putting them into many categories. Here is a list of exercises that work well for laughing at corporations. Can you think of any that also belong here?

Laughter Yoga Improves Mental & Physical Health

Participants at the Fort Collins Senior Center start out with Laughter Yoga pretty easy. In a laughter session conducted weekly by Mary Dravis-Parrish, they do the laughter drill of breathing and laughter exercises with ease and enjoy the many health benefits they derive from it.

Leelee Kong, Seria

Moms & Kids Yoga together kicked start the year with Laughter Yoga in the Park, added with post-Xmas Lollilop Reindeer craft activity for children only (kids maintaining silence as far as possibly can, after all laughs and play) ….Very Good ….Very Good….YEAHHHH..!!!

Bron Roberts, Australia

Yesterday I headed into the People’s march in the main street of Melbourne. Laughter Clubs Victoria is represented every year and I’ve been there every year bar one, 2 years ago I had to go to a funeral :( Because the group isn’t choreographed like other groups we can break out, race up to the crowds, high five, hug friends, photo bomb selfies. It is soooo much fun.

Self Promotion – It’s subtle, subliminal, and sneaky!

Back to List Self Promotion – It’s subtle, subliminal, and sneaky! On a recent Facebook post there was mention that “There is a fine line between self promotion and advertising”. No, there isn’t. They are the same, except self-promotion is subtle, subliminal, and sneaky! The main difference is that one is direct marketing, and the…