Laughter Yoga with Nestle

Some time back, we were invited by Nestle to conduct a Laughter Yoga session during their Zone Asia-Oceania-Africa Safety, Health and Environmental Sustainability Workshop at Goa Marriott Resort & Spa, India.
The audience included the Executive Vice President from Nestle

Who Is My Guru?

What better time to answer this question than around this time of Guru Purnima- an Indian festival dedicated to all teachers and gurus. It is celebrated in the month of June – July on a full moon day, when people pay their respects to their teachers and express their gratitude.

Success and Self-belief … it’s all in your head

Over the last month you may have seen some Prozone Facebook photos of folks presenting Laughter Yoga on some big stages to some big groups. You may have also said to yourself (as I did when I was starting out) “One day that will be me” OR “I could never do that”. Either way you’re right. The road to success starts in your head and it’s all about self-belief.

New Website Updating

As lots of people today browse the net through their mobile devices, our new website, which is a word press template, has the major advantage of being mobile friendly. But as we still don’t have the edit function, you cannot make any changes to the content.

Remembering My Gurus On Guru Purnima

Guru is the one who shows you the path and takes you from darkness to light, from ignorance to knowledge and wisdom. Purnima is full moon.
Today is a special day to remember and revere our Gurus.