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Just recently I went to a Physiotherapist for a shoulder complaint. The diagnosis was simple…osteoarthritis. This is a degenerative disease of the joints which causes much pain. The pain is caused by blood rushing to the nerve endings of the ligaments that is enhanced by increased blood circulation. In other words more circulation more pain

Laughter Yoga increases blood circulation

When she asked me if I did anything that increases blood circulation I said that I do Laughter Yoga daily. At this point she suggested I don’t do the “downward dog” as this puts pressure on the shoulder joint. When I said that Laughter Yoga is not like your traditional yoga she looked at me strangely. Even stranger when I said that I Laugh for no Reason. She said to stop itn

The answer is in medication and surgical procedures

She instantly prescribed medication and an appointment with a medical doctor who could inject the joint with substances. When I asked for alternatives to these I was met with more puzzled looks. She had little or no knowledge of alternatives to the medication in the way of diet and food types that could replace the medication. Equally as surprising was her lack of ability to identify or recommend any other medical method (traditional or alternative) that I could explore. This whole experience showed that the medical profession appears to have a very “tunnel vision” of anything other than what they know, are used to, or feel to be legally safe with. Does this mean that they’re wrong??? Not necessarily. After all everyone’s opinion is importantn

Laughter Yoga is still very unknown and understood

Just because I’ve been involved with Laughter Yoga for more than seven years I feel that everyone else knows all about it. This couldn’t be further from the truth as was the story with the physiotherapist. And just because people are aware of the Laughter Clubs doesn’t meant that they get it. Their perception is reality so it’s very important that we get the message to them in a way in which they will understand to change that perception from a negative to a positiven

Alternative medical therapies are still a long way off

The best way to get this message across is to get some testimonials. In business people will employ my services based on what others say about me. So beyond yourself how many stories of other people who have successfully used Laughter Yoga to combat a medical illness could you talk about? Imagine if we had a Laughter Yoga database for every illness and specifically how to use Laughter Yoga to fix it. Oh by the way if anyone has one for osteoarthritis get them to call me…my shoulder is killing me ! ! ! (ha ha ha)n