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5I LOVE Christmas time! I love everything about Christmas time! The lights in the trees outside, the smells, the songs (I even help out with my dad's choir at Midnight Mass), the cooking, the sharing...

But then, I'm not so in love with the stress we're somehow experiencing with it - buying the gifts (shopping is NOT on my A list!), making the gifts (I'm so talented that most of my presents are hand-made with love!), visiting relatives and friends (they all want to spend some time with me since I live away from most of them), pleasing and helping aging parents who are stressed out because all the family is there for a few days (Kids and all... now talk about intense action in a usually quiet house!)...
This year, I've decided to LIKE imperfection and to make sure I'm never impatient (or dissapointed) when someone is upset with it.
Ah... Imperfection... It happens! Quite a lot!

So this year, I'm treating myself to LOVE FEST NMW with NO expectations or pressure toward myself. I MIGHT visit them all... or not! and it's ok. I MIGHT feel too tired to clean the basement at my parents' place... or not! and it's ok. I might spend time with

someone... or not! and it's ok.

I'll just see... and BE!

Now that's a treat!

Ok. Here's what I want you to do. Hug yourself right away with a smile. Feel how GREAT you are - right this minute! If you need to look at your face in a mirror, go ahead! And tell yourself: I JUST LOVE MYSELF! Then LAUGH! Go on! Keep laughing!!!
Everything else? Small potatoes! But you? You ROCK!

And THAT'S a fact! hahaha!

Love and laughter

Your HAHA Sister