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11Happy Holidays

The year is almost out and 2013 has been a tremendous year for laughter around the world.


It was also a year full of less joyful occasions around the world in relation to natural as well as man-made distasters, but among the events it is important to celebrate the lives and thoughts of those we lost but who have impacted humanity for decades, as well as remember the great accomplishments of the year.


No matter how we see the world at this moment in time it is important to embrace new and postive ideas, and with the benefits we so clearly experience when we laugh - it really does make laughter a valid choice to cope with any stress or conflict at home or at work.

This is why we so persistently promote Laughter Yoga and Laughter Therapy - the benefits are topnotch!

2013 was an amazing year in the UK and for UnitedMind:

New community projects were developed and funded in Hertfordshire together with The Regency Training Foundation
More organisations than everbefore in both private and public sectors have worked with UnitedMind, showing a real need for adding positivity to the workplace

The Laughter Yoga Movement in the UK has gone from strength to strenght, with many news mentions on TV, radio and written articles

UnitedMind has faced the same challenges as other businesses do in times of recession, yet managed to grow laughter around the UK

More than 50% of the Laughter Yoga Teachers trained by UnitedMind are now successfully providing Laughter Yoga Leader training

Laughter Coaching is still a growing trend and UnitedMind is excited to offer both training for professionals as well as coaching for individuals

...and it goes on and on!


Already 2014 has many exciting events in the pipeline:

  • The Laughter Club in Peterlee in January
  • MS LIFE 2014 Event in Manchester in May
  • Dr. Kataria teaching in the UK for the first time in 10 years on a 1-day advanced training in June
  • The Laughter Festival around the UK in June
  • The London Laughter Flashmob in July

Always keep in mind, smiling is on everybody's lips!

Wishing you a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year filled with peace, good health and happiness.

I look forward to reconnecting with you in 2014!

Love and Laughter