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World Laughter Day 2nd May with Dr Kataria in Sydney Australian
This year the Sydney Comedy Festival has invited Laughter Yoga Australia and New Zealand to be a partner in World Laughter Day. It will be held at Darling Harbor and Camp Quality will benefit from a Gold Coin Donation from those participating. 6dc Pty Ltd will be the Marketing Company promoting this event and Laughter Yoga Australia has been asked to be involved in the Comedy Festival itself as well as the World Laughter Day Event

Laughter Yoga participants will be laughing around Sydney throughout the Comedy Festival and they will be very easily identified by wearing a Festival uniform. Throughout their laugh they will be distributing fliers promoting World Laughter Day, Laughter Yoga, and the Laughter Clubsn
As well as this ten groups of laughers will attend a variety of events and venues. It is anticipated that they will be laughing outside venues where people are waiting in queues before an event. The Laughter Leader will inform the crowd about Laughter Yoga, how it works and why, and then invite them all to join in. Depending on the venue and event the group may be asked to conduct a laughter session on stage prior to the main event

An “all in” group laugh(s) is also planned. This would take the shape of a “flash mob” laughter session. Several groups will start in different locations and converge on a single destination laughing as they go. Once the destination is reached a five to ten minute laughter session is conducted and fliers distributed to promote World Laughter Day and Laughter Yoga. Have a look at this website to get the idea http://www.laughangeles.com/blog/2009/12/have-had-your-dose-of-levity-today/n
The program will run throughout the Comedy Festival leading up to World Laughter Day. Times, dates, and venues will be determined closer to the event. There will be two meetings prior to the festival in order to discuss the strategy and tactics. Those involved will need to be available to attend as many of the sessions as possible. It is envisaged there would be no more than one per day. I will be attending a Strategy and Planning Meeting on the 4th February in Sydney so will have some more information and confirmation of the logistics then

The Good Doctor and I see this as a huge opportunity to promote Laughter Yoga and Laughter Clubs throughout the world. It is also an exciting opportunity for many people to be involved. If you would like to pre register as a participant or leader please do so via email indicating your preference. If you believe you can provide a group of ten (with you as the leader) this would be GRRREAT alson
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