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World Laughter Day in SYdney
Carolyn Nicholson, Australia

World Laughter Day in Sydney, my husband Des and I flew from Melbourne to Sydney to celebrate world laughter day, we wore our lime Green 'Laughter Yoga' T Shirts and at 10a.m. set out with the intention to inform as many people as possible that is was World Laughter Day, when we caught people reading our T Shirts, front or back, we would tell them about World Laughter Day and then get them to smile or laugh, every where we went for the entire day. We went to two Expos, one a 'Retirement Expo' and another next door 'Health and Fitness Expo', we attended both and did the same, in my own spontaneous natural way, I spoke to as many people as possible and they laughed naturally and told me it was 'a pleasure speaking with me', at one time we were walking past a lady on a microphone and over the microphone she read out what is on our T Shirts and I told her about World Laughter Day and she repeated every word I said over the Microphone, Wow! that was my ambition before we left the Motel for a person to announce it... Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha, and without even trying it happened.

In the evening we attended the North Sydney Laughter Club ran by Usuf and helped by Noelle,
most Laughter Clubs I know are experienced in a park but this one always happens inside in a Community centre so they are able to have a Laughter Meditation at the end of their usual Laughter Yoga Session, which happens in every Laughter Club, my Laughter Club is outside in a public park, so my Laughter Session is finalised by my positive affirmations (also on this site), Usuff took a liking to my positive affirmations, so to help him remember them, he asked me to show him while he recorded it, this was in the street, just across the road from the great restaurant , he took us too after an hour of laughing in North Sydney. Some time soon they may appear on this site..

SO next year, if there is nothing happening in your area, remember all of the above, pop on a T Shirt, with laughter stuff on it and get out there smile and laugh and pass it on, remember Madan's wish, to spread world peace through the Joy of Laughter.
p.s. I was just told by a person who runs a comedy theatre, over the phone, that my laugh should be recorded and kept..... To me thats a great compliment.

Ho HO Ha Ha Ha , smiles and giggles in a day keep the worries and wrinkles away,. so laugh and smile often..

Carolyn Nicholson
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