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Words from the Wise- On Life, Laughter & Longevity

Ruth, 88, Louisville, KY, USA
Laughter Yoga Video with Melanie & Ruth, Age 88
December 16, 2010
My name is Ruth and I am 88 years young (as Melanie likes to say). I was born and raised in Louisville, KY.
I was married 52 years to Don who passed away in July 1997. I have two sons.
I worked for AAA Travel for 29 years and I've had the opportunity to travel to Denmark, Portugal, Sweden, Morocco, Germany, Canada, Austria, Scotland and England.
I have known Melanie for 6 years because she is my neighbor and good friend. I find her very intelligent, up to date, attractive, outgoing and loves Laughter Yoga.
I don't remember laughing much growing up.
I like to laugh at jokes, movies and television. My husband used to make me laugh because he had a dry sense of humor.
I went with Melanie to do Laughter Yoga at the local homeless shelter awhile back. We've laughed together many times but I have a hard time laughing out loud.
My mother lived to be 101. I've had a good life and want to continue practicing laughing as much as I can.
My favorite quote from the Days of the Depression is:
" Use it Up. Wear it Out. Make it Do. Or Do Without."
Submitted from Ruth, Age 88, Louisville, KY USA.