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I was recently in Orlando, FL to conduct a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Training and invited Lynda Tourloukis to join and play the Wizzdom Game with the class.

I must say that there is lot to learn from the wizzdom games and I loved the concept and it goes very well with Laughter Yoga Philosophy. People laugh a lot while playing these games and there is a hidden message behind it. For Example the first game we played was about what people say is nothing but their own perception and there is nothing right and wrong. if you see a writing pad and someone calls it a pineapple. There is no need to prove other person that this is not the pineapple but a writing pad. You can accept people as they are without getting involved in arguments, if it is not really important to you.

Most of the time people will dump their problems on you and it is up to you to get involved and react. If you think its not really significant, you can just accept what they are saying and just pass on.

I strongly recommend Laughter Yoga Leaders and Teachers to learn these games and it will be a great value addition to Laughter Yoga workshops and trainings. I didn’t get much time to play other games but I am looking forward to learn more of them.

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