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When we can not laugh - out loud
Carolyn Nicholson, Australia
Wednesday, 24 April 2013 16:13:48
For the past few days I have been resting to recover from a summer flu, I have never had this type of thing before because every now and again my voice totally disappears so I cant talk, forget trying to laugh,its not possible, but I can smile. Even looking at my own photo of myself smiling helps me to feel better, and smiles and laughter from others helps alot as well. Watching comedies to keep smiling and laughing on the inside helps as well too, even though it hurts to laugh out loud./ or it makes me cough too much. Another thing I have realised is: that in some situations it is important to save the energy used by laughing for our own healing, Im sure Madan talks about this when he recommends times for not laughing.
Another thing I have been doing to compensate for not being able to laugh out loud, is Madans Laughter Meditation, I do meditate regularly anyway, so I do the Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha and Very Good Very Good Yay....(just in my mind - silently) how Madan teaches. as well.
So in between Coughing, blowing my nose, resting and feeling sorry for myself (we all cant help that, he he he) I get back to being positive, (I will get over this- I am getting better and healthier every day), smiling and laughing on the inside. Kiss
So soon I will be back to my bouncy, healthy, happy, fit, Loud self,
Love and giggles to all