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In Hong Kong, many people come over to the portable laughter club on weekends or weekly laughter club for try out how laughter yoga helps.

Thanks to Dr. Kataria bringing laughter yoga and sharing around the world, we also have the second batch of laughter yoga leaders gratuated from the training programme in Hong Kong. It is really grateful to view the change of the leaders from

participants to leaders, sharing laughter in the community.

"If you want to master something, teach it."

After the two year sharing laughter yoga around Hong Kong and Asia, I finally gain some courage to share laughter yoga via leaders training course. I still remember the laughter buddy in Malaysia said, "teach it, and without expecting students will be the same as your shadow."

Yes, after teaching my first batch in Jun 2014, the new leaders really surprised me. Everyone is so unique, so creative and have their own style in sharing laughter yoga. I am so grateful to have another batch, and this really not only change their laughter leaders, it also change me as the teacher.

1. I am just a student but in form of teacher. I am always learning new things, techniques from the course too.

2. I put aside my ego. I am indeed the same as all the students, just because I share laughter yoga earlier, does not neccessary mean that my way of sharing is the only way.

3. It is much reward to see each of the laughter yoga leaders share their laughters with their friends or in the community, and the recipical effect of laughter force in the community. (If I need to laugh for reaching same number of people, it takes a much longer time.)

4. Laughing force in Hong Kong is growing bigger, and we can have a network to support each other in share happiness and laughters.

I would like to share some of their sharings from their laughter yoga leader training course:

"This course is more than a training course to understand the nature of Laughter Yoga. It brings you an amazing transformation to oneself on experiencing the importance of life journey – happiness.

I am honored to receive this praised gift."

~ Rita, Laughter Yoga Leaders Training 2014 October

"I used to be a shy, not too humor girl, need to laugh out loud only with my very closed friends. At first when I practice laughter yoga is quite unnatural, and wonder am I suitable for this activity. But during the training, I learn some techniques for myself to go into laughter yoga and with the continguous laughter spread by other laughing buddies, now I can laugh out even louder. Also Laughter Yoga also brings me closer relationship with other people and friends too. "
~ Siu Lai, Laughter Yoga Leaders Training 2014 October

"In the two day intensive training, it really boost my mood and the world becomes much more clearer. Because of this change, I decided to practice laughter yoga everyday, and found out that laughter yoga clears my worries and anxious away, and let me find my true self. I can laugh and smile even when I am alone."
~ Iris, Laughter Yoga Leaders Training 2014 October