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Laughter Yoga has grown and diversified over the twelve years that I’ve been involved. I often receive emails from people wanting to know what opportunities are available, and what will best suit different people’s needs. So whether you are a new person who is wondering what is the first step, or you are currently trained and looking for the next step, the following information may be helpful.

Laughter Yoga 1 Day Awareness Workshop. This is perfect for people who want to know and experience more about Laughter Yoga but don’t necessarily want to be trained to lead a group. These are generally conducted by trained Laughter Leaders and as the name suggests completed in a day.

2 Day Laughter Yoga Leader Training. This training is for people who are looking to start a social laughter club. It’s done over two days and the attendees are issued with a certificate from the Dr Kataria School of Laughter Yoga. This training is conducted by people who have done the 5 Day Laughter Yoga Teacher Training.

5 Day Laughter Yoga Teacher Training. Put simply this training is for people who wish to train others to be Laughter Yoga Leaders. In the past these people were trained only by Dr Kataria. He has now appointed Master Trainers to conduct this training.

Laughter Yoga Master Training. Only recently created, and as mentioned above, this is the highest level of training certification available. It is conducted by Dr Kataria in India. There is extensive criteria that has to be met and it requires a high level of time and financial commitment before proceeding. Refer to the Laughter Yoga International website for the criteria details.

Laughter Yoga Business Training. This training was created by myself several years ago and has been approved by Laughter Yoga International as the standard for those wanting to take Laughter Yoga to commercial organisations, or wanting to make a business from Laughter Yoga. This training is ideal for the more advance Laughter Yoga Leader who wants to get financially reimbursed for their efforts.

1 to 1 Laughter Yoga Coaching. While this is not an officially certified training course many people who have coaching experience have pursued this option. Participants experience a more specific and individualized approach and are often looking for personal development or personal healing from this program.

Laughter Therapy Training. This training is to be officially created and certified this year, and is for those who want to take Laughter Yoga into the health industry as trained health professionals. It will incorporate 150 hours of training and will focus on helping to heal those who are suffering an illness. They are usually already in hospitals, institutions, or aged care facilities.

If you’d like to know more about Laughter Yoga in Australia then please don’t hesitate to contact me at any stage on 0408 552269 or at mervneal@laughteryoga.org
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