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Walk about for Love, Peace, Joy and Lots of Laughs!This has been an Amazing year for me! But first, I had stop resisting and accept with gratitude the gift of a sabbatical year when my place of employment in Canada closed.

Once I acknowledge and gave thanks for the Sabbatical, abundant blessings flowed into my life and miracles became part of my daily living…hohohahaha!

I was inspired to do a Walkabout to Share Love, Peace and Lots of Laughter! This became a personal spiritual pilgrimage, not quite in the traditional sense of a pilgrimage, but no less profound and life transforming.

Thank you, thank you, thank you God!

I shared love and laughter from my home country Malaysia, to Singapore, Australia, England and France!

Every place I stayed with friends and family, some of whom I haven’t seen in years! This a practise in living in trust and divine providence as the whole trip was financed by donation and love offerings from my batik paintings, books, body prayer sessions (using yoga, taichi and pilates) and Laughter Yoga, of course!

In particular, I want to share about my time in Australia, where my host was beautiful, inspiring Laughter Yoga teacher and leader, Carolyn Nicholson.

This amazing soul planned a wonderful roadtrip where we laughed with others in no less than five places in Victoria! It was awesome!

The highlight of the walkabout for me was the Laughter Yoga sessions that we led in Charlton, a beautiful town where folks were still recovering from two recent floods that submerged the whole town; and Mildura, a city just hours away from Charlton that has been experiencing drought for the past few years.

Carolyn used to live in Mildura and has been going back there to led laughter sessions in the park every year. I am so grateful to her for sharing this gift with me this year. I thank her for her generosity in driving for this road trip, sharing her time-share hotel room, sharing her wisdom and light, and introducing me to all her wonderful friends.

I will treasure the memories always. Thank you, Carolyn for being the beautiful soul and wise teacher you are.

The laughter yoga session in Charlton was pretty special too. One of the men we met in Charlton, have not been able to smile since the floods, and that day, he was laughing! The town folks loved the session and were eager to invite Carolyn back for more laughter. Very good, very good, YEA!!!