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10Yesterday I was going to a TV studio for a "twice a month" segment on Laughter Yoga and the (numerous) benefits of laughter.

I was talking about the "Joy Vitamins". What do you do to make sure you have a good Joy Diet?

First question I asked was Do you take vitamins? and if yes, what for?

One person was - to help his health - the other was not, but thought it could help her health.

Well guess what? You can take Joy Vitamins to boost your feeling of happiness and joy! What are they?

Here are just a few examples of what they could be:

- Wear bright and cheerful colours (and not just black, grey and navy!). And if you can't because of your workplace dress code, wear bright colours socks or underwear! I had mine on!

- Make yourself some Laughter cocktails (and do the Milk-Shake laughter!) when you are thursty! (They simply LOVED that exercise!!!) and fill them with magic powers! Drink your Laughter potion!

- SMILE SMILE SMILE!!! This is free, easy and quiet!

- Expose yourself to happy noises! Listen to happy music, laughter CDs...

- Use "Laughter yoga on the phone". You can do it at most time of day!

- Join a laughter club! and if you can't, well, go back to the previous point! haha!
Want to bet how much better you will feel?

I guarantee you will because... Action creates emotion!

And that's a fact!

Love and Laughter

Your HAHA Sister