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I just got back from a Stress reduction holiday in Beautiful Vanuata, my friend and I laughed lots, naturally with the staff / locals everywhere we went. I offered a Laughter session to a local Village school which was all organised easily and effortlessly.
I started with a small group but as the children heard the laughter, the group grew and grew. The children and the teacher involved loved every moment of it, they especially loved the breathing wiggle and giggle as all countries seem to and also the clapping and Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha, which I feel is the major part of Laughter Yoga. Even though there were lots of excited children, they all behaved well and listened carefully.After the session the teacher approached me and asked for as much information as possible about Laughter Yoga as she is going to continue Laughter Yoga in the school and I also hope to return and do some more.

The more Laughter sessions I do all over the world the more I realise how it is needed. The Vanuatua people are gorgeous, loving, friendly and honest people who appreciate us visiting there and dont forget to tell us (all tourists) as much as possible. I felt very safe there, even walking along the road alone.

Also all the Australians and New Zealand people (also the Beautfil staff) I met at the Fantastic Breakers Resort laughed with me often. It was a very joyful and Happy week.

Thank you to Vanuatu for the Laughter you gave us.

Love and giggles


p.s. pls keep your eye on this story as I will add photos soon.

This is the dancing group who performed at the Ramada Breakers Resort in Vanuata, natural Joyful people,

The photos of the Laughter Session with school children will be added soon.

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