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Tucson People Use Laughter Yoga to De-StressPeace For You, a Tucson, Arizona based company, uses Laughter Yoga sessions to heal their members of their anxiety and depression and create a happy space where they feel open and content, rather than stressed-out and nervous.

A session typically involves an introduction, warm-up exercises, laughter exercises, deep breathing and more. Jim Twomey, the owner of the company states that the benefits of laughter therapy, as reported by the participants include relaxation, calmness, happiness, relief from depression and stress, more internal joy, renewed energy, and even improved health. In fact, some of his clients have been able to go so far as to stop taking medications and unnatural forms of anxiety management after completing his program.

The laughter created through the sessions releases hormones and natural internal chemicals which in turn help alter moods and create a more stable internal environment.

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