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On a shinny Sunday morning of Sept 12 2010 the Taiwan Laughter Yoga Association was founded with warmly participant from nearly 100 laughter club members. In this great moment of Taiwan laughter movement history I said to the group in the opening: “I as a humble ,ordinary and general person without any fame or related profession like medical or physical or psychological background could never dream this association can be founded.” I recalled I had said the same words in the opening of Dr.Kataria’s public speech of Laughte Yoga in Taipei in 2008. “It’s all because we have the dream in subconscious. It finally came true all because of our daily practice of many clubs and eventually made the energy of informal laughter group stronger and stronger”. I am pround to tell you between 55 founder members we have 25 members are special who had already paid the membership fees of 11 years in advance that means they are so strongly support this association. With the strong support from this passionate team I decided to organized the group finally. And Dr.Kataria’s story also inspired me much during his visit in Taiwan 2008. He said at the beginning of laughter movement he intended to seek fame and make a lot money but friends left from him. After he gave up those greedy ambitions and founded the non-profit foundation his friends were coming back and laughter movement was blooming every where.

I would like to follow Dr.Kataria’s steps to keep moving forward. Ha ha ha.