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Thoughts About Burning Calories And The Video From The University Of Exeter

What burns more calories, ten minutes of cycling or laughter exercises? With reference to the recent media release from the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom where they did a pilot study with three volunteers where they had them cycle for ten minutes and found they burned only 49 calories. After a 100 laughs they burned 151 calories. On the face of it, it looks unbelievable, yet the machines at a standard university done under the guidance of experts will not lie. It is definitely true.

Many people will doubt this experiment whether it can actually help to lose weight or not. Let me explain to you that weight loss and burning calories are two different things. Weight gain can be due to several factors like water retention, hormones and excessive fat in the body as fat cells retain a lot of water. So if you eat a lot and then laugh you will not lose weight, but you will definitely burn some calories. On the other hand, if you laugh as well as eat mindfully, there are chances of you losing weight.

We need to explore the scientific methods how laughter helps to burn more calories. Perhaps it may be due to changing the metabolism by exhaling more carbon dioxide which normal exercises might not be able to do as laughter is prolonged exhalation which releases a lot of residual air from your lungs.