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"There is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come"
I heard this quote recently and tried to think about a situation where this might be the case. I had to look no further than Laughter Yoga. With everything I’ve seen recently I truly believe that our time has come…but are we ready for it?Social Media
Social Media is taking over as the number one marketing tool. Applications such as Facebook and Twitter are now the most effective means of reaching a wider market of people who are actually likely to happily receive messages from people that they know…instead of deleting them as Junkmail. The other way they prove to be effective is that they can quite easily link into other people’s networks so the net gets cast even wider. There is also the benefit of having statistics provided to show you how “popular” you are to your “fans” or by how many people respond to your Tweets. So why is this important?Traditional Media
These new methods by themselves don’t tell the whole story. They are merely feeders into our more traditional media methods such as websites, papers, radio, and TV. These opportunities will present themselves more often now because of the frequency of the awareness being provided by Facebook and Twitter. People will still need to be convinced that what is being discussed is the “real deal” and not just a weird fad. The best and most reliable way to do this is by the spoken word, face to face, or visually via You Tube or authentic DVD footage

So are we ready
In the last ten months the Laughter Yoga Australia website statistics have shown that the unique visitors have grown from 376 to 875 per month. The number of visits has grown from 743 to 1908 per month. And the hits have grown from 13,440 to 38,561 per month.  This shows a nearly 300% increase and indicates to me that regardless of what happens on Facebook and Twitter ends up at a website where people are searching for some credible evidence of what they’ve read. For this reason we need to concentrate on placing some DVD and Audio on our websites

DVD and Audio Opportunities
The next time you do a presentation ask the person in charge if you can video the session. When you’ve finished you can also ask for a video or audio testimonial. And if you do a TV or radio interview ask for an audio file and then put it on your website. The thing that you will see, especially with a video, is that their words and their body language is 100 times more convincing than a written letter