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Themes for Laughter Clubs

  I have just come home from a Great night with the local Council, a Thank you for the work we have been doing with Laughter Club, I was even asked to get up and do a little Laughter Yoga, it was fun..so I am feeling very uplifted and motivated, of course thats what Laughter Yoga does for us..
To make Laughter Clubs sessions more interesting and varied, I often have a theme for the entire session ie: Going to the Football theme, being at or going to a party theme, the four seasons and what happens during each season. theme, Cricket theme.. working in the garden, starting the lawn mower, the sprinkler. etc.
What ever is happening ( in a positive manner) in your country you can make it a theme.
For example, the party theme, everyone can go to the party together, maybe on a train, so I have two lines of paired people and the arms move like the train wheels with the sound HO Ho Ha Ha Ha....all the way to the party, or else everyone travels their own way, some may walk and they make up their own laugh, another may skip, he he he he, or another on a motorbike.....make the sound of starting it and then travelling,...its endless.....then when you arrive at the party, there is 'greeting laughs'.............cocktail laughs......dancing laughs, gibberish when too much too drink laugh.............it is endless and alot fun .. if you need any help with any of the above or have some ideas of your own, please contact me...laughtercaz@yahoo.com.au , and keep up your good work.... Ho Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha ,Carolyn Nicholson
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