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Laughter Leader - Mohammad Haroon in Mississauga Ontario has written a play entitled 'Laughter Workshop Play' which he entered into a writing competition and has now been awarded a modest grant by the Arts Council of Ontario to assist in bringing this work to full fruition.


Mohammad is now seeking contacts who may be able to assist in this project. In his own words:


'Basically what I need now is to get connected with professional theatre troupes or individual producers or companies that can produce the play. The play needs 10 professional actors, a director and technical staff for the music, decor, make up, clothes and accessories.I also need a place for rehearsal and performance. Let me know if you or anyone you may know can guide me or provide me with further suggestions and information.'

Here is a brief bio of Mohammads professional background:

I have extensive experience in theatre and television through writing, directing and acting in plays and educational television series. I participated in theatre festivals in Toronto, Jordan, Syria, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates. I contributed in establishing theatre groups at colleges, schools and community centers overseas. I am one of the establishing members of Al-Fawanees Theatre Group in Jordan. This is one of the most famous theatre groups that came to existence 25 years ago in the Middle East. Throughout my past career, I have been granted a number of awards on best theatre script, best theatre performance, best usage of theatre technology and best theatre directing. The most recent was the grant awarded by the Ontario Arts Council on the “Laughter Workshop Play”. The idea of writing this play came to me after I attended a workshop on laughter yoga and realized the importance of laughter for health in this stressful time.

Mohammad can be reached at this address: modharoon56@yahoo.ca