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My husband was out of town for the last month trying to help his elderly parents in a very difficult situation. He was under a lot of stress. He attends the St Louis Laughter Club regularly also. I knew I couldn't be there but we talked on the phone and then we began talking on skype most every day. So we began having laughter phone calls and laughter skype calls to break the tension. My husband said it did help to break the tension and stress but he admits he should have laughed more often. Sometimes I would feel down or lonely about him being gone so long. I began using laughter as my survival tool. I would laugh for 5-10 minutes by myself and I would shift out of the negative state and the loneliness and sadness would dissipate and I would move on.

How did I laugh? Sometimes I would do the laughing alone exercises Dr Kataria has taught. Sometimes I would laugh n the shower. Sometimes I looked in the mirror and laughed with myself. And sometimes, I would just slowly warm up and then loosen up and laugh. Don't be afraid to experiment on yourself and see what works for you - but most of all, don't be afraid to laugh! It IS the best medicine!!

Tomorrow the St Louis Laughter Club holds its weekly meetly. Another member has been in a difficult family situation. So the 2 of them will get laughter showers. And anyone else who wants a shower can have one! We will shower love and laughter and positive energy upon them. It is an amazing experience. I urge you to try it sometime!