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The Laughter Yoga University is on the way.Last month I travelled to Bangalore to spend 10 days with Dr Kataria at The School of Ancient Wisdom. The experience was surreal. If you haven’t been to India then put it on your list of places to see. The best way to describe it is “an assault on your senses”. The sights sounds smells and tastes are, as the tourism people say, incredible. What was even more incredible was to hear about the Laughter Yoga University. It’s on the way.The Programs

In August there will be several of many programs launched. These will be done to enhance the lives and develop the skills of Laughter Yogis and those who they integrate with. There will be everything from singing ,dancing, playing, and gibberish workshops, to emotional intelligence, business training, stress management and advanced training to name just a few.

The Products

Another important aspect will be the development of a range of products. These will vary from CD’s and DVD’s, to merchandise and clothing. They can be used to provide continued education, opportunities to make some money by on-selling them at your club or when you are doing free or paid presentations to groups, and to promote the awareness and enhance the brand of the university.

LY PROs Support

Another key objective is to provide ongoing support for those who have been trained at a certified laughter leader or teacher level. In the past there has not been the systems or infrastructure to provide much assistance to those that have been trained. This will change in many ways as Dr Kataria has employed a team of people to be able to be contacted when help is required.

The Laughter Clubs

And finally there are the Laughter Clubs. While the establishment of the university may seem like a commercial exercise, the focus is still on increasing and sustaining the laughter clubs around the world. The vision of Laughter Yoga International is to provide world peace by establishing a network of clubs around the world where people can come together and laugh for no reason. The doctor assures me that this was his focus nearly twenty years ago and will remain that way into the future.

In summary

My visit left me inspired. Having been involved with Laughter Yoga for nearly ten years at a professional and social level, the time was right to step up and the doctor has certainly done this. I wish him and everyone involved in this venture every success.

Enjoy Life