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In Alice in Wonderland there’s a scene that I particularly enjoy. Alice comes to a fork in the road. Seeking guidance she asks the Cheshire Cat “Which path should I take?” He replies “Where are you wanting to go?” She says “I’m not sure?” The cat in his wisdom concludes with “Then any path is fine.” Without vision we meander along life’s pathways and often take the one less desirable. A Business Vision resolves this problem and fast tracks you to your destiny.

My core business after selling my last company in 2002 was to assist organisations in establishing their strategic business plans. The first step in this process was to create a Vision Statement. This Vision Statement is the direction in which the leader proposes to travel. People struggle with creating a vision even though we all do it on a daily basis.

For example, I woke up this morning with the vision that I would write this Business Tip…so I did. I also had the vision of doing many other things…that I did. Steven Covey in that amazing book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People insisted that people should “Begin with the end in mind.”

Your Business Vision should be clear and aligned with your Personal Vision. Your vision should be inspiring and be used to attract others who can help you get there. Once the vision is complete we have to support it with a Business Plan. Your plan is HOW the vision will be achieved. I’ll address business planning in next month’s tip.

Your Business Vision Statement should ideally be for 3 years from today and clearly determine…

  • WHAT are we going to be doing?
  • WHO are we going to be doing it to?
  • WHERE are we going to be doing it?
  • WHY are we doing it?
  • Does it make financial sense?

If you have any further questions on your “VISION”, then please feel free to email me at mervneal@laughteryoga.org at any time