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3The first ever online Laughter Yoga Marathon organized by Skype Laughter Club, an online community of laughter lovers, was grand success with more than 350 participants from all time zones including New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Bahrain, Israel, South Africa Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, UK, Finland, Canada, USA, Brazil and Ecuador. It lasted for a little over 24 hours during the weekend (February 23-24, 2013) with unrelenting giggles and guffaws floating in the atmosphere all through.
It had a large number of first time laughers on the net along with Dr Madan Kataria, the founder of laughter clubs movement, and Anu Saari, who, with Ines, started the online club from Finland about 4 years ago.
The event was divided into 24 segments of half an hour each with short breaks and an experienced international crew consisting of Anu, Sean, Seva, Jagat, Radhika, Ferris, Jane, Ivo and Linda leading the sessions.
It has created a new awareness about laughter and brought in a large number of new members to the fold of Skype Laughter Club whose total membership figures soared to 1002 at the close of the laughter festival.

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