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Bonnie Caudell - USA

  Hans-Christian Andersen's fairy tale "The Emperor's New Clothes" is a Scandinavian classic about vanity and servility. Manuela Clarin and Ingmar Thilo stage the history this weekend as puppet shows for children in Theater Heppel Ettlich at Feilitzschstraße 12 puppets and stage are built by the artists themselves. The performances begin on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 22nd to 24th May respectively by 16 clock, on Sunday there at 11 clock an additional idea. Tickets for adults cost eight, for children five Euro.Demi Moore missing clothing worth 200, cheap formal dresses , dollars after it was broken into their storage unit.
The actress ("GI Jane") is since the 80's a frequent guest on the red carpet, no wonder that in the last three decades have accumulated some clothes. So many, that she decided to weed out some of them and place them in a warehouse.Not a good idea, as it turned out, because in these was broken into and their assistants noticed that a large part of the expensive pieces have disappeared. According to "TMZ" clothing was stolen worth francs 186,000, many of them irreplaceable unique. According to a police Insiders the website Demi is preparing a list of the missing clothes.
Since the lock of her storage unit was undamaged and otherwise there is no indication of a break-in, believe Demis wizard that an employee of the warehouse could be behind the theft. To find the culprit, however could prove to be tricky business. The storage unit of the Hollywood stars was not entered for more than six months, however, the surveillance cameras of the hall not go so far back.

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