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Melanie Rudolph, USA
Tuesday, 23 April 2013 18:36:20
ThanksGiving, ThanksLiving, ThanksLaughing 2010
A Poem By Melanie

As I reflect on those with whom I laughed throughout the DAYS,
Each person has laughed in the their own unique WAYS,

There was laughing with Ruth, my 88 year young NEIGHBOR,
There was Laughter Yoga at my Father's Family Reunion, which caused quite a STIR,

Laughing with my friend Ted at an International EVENT,
Laughter while looking back on the day, as it came and WENT,

I laughed with a man who was 70, who came to my laughter club for the first TIME,
There is laughing by myself, when I am wanting to RHYME,

Laughter Yoga on the Phone with others including John from the USA,
Laughing with my friend Alexis, who was having a bad DAY,

Laughter with my friend Jessica, whom is blooming into a new CAREER,
Laughing with all emotions, even as I begin to TEAR,

Laughing with Dr. Kataria in India, a long way to GO,
At Ramsi's Cafe on the World, I was laughing softly, though people came to KNOW,

There was laughing on the blind date which was alot of FUN,
Laughter inside and outside with the SUN,

Laughing in Chicago with friends whom are creating Social Change through LAUGHTER,
They are wanting the World to be happy, ever AFTER,

Laughing with my friend Jason who was just coming through as he was in the middle of his MOVE,
Laughter while doing the Salsa GROOVE,

At Zen Tea House, I seem to laugh ALOT,
It's a great laughing SPOT,

James Graham Brown Cancer Center is a place I shared laughter with others and a place that touched my HEART,
Eachday I forget to laugh, I am reminded to START,

I laughed with some children with Special NEEDS,
Laughing with them, I planted some laughter SEEDS,

I teach Laughter Yoga because I often forget to laugh throughout the DAY,
When I remember to laugh, I am reminded that I would have it no other WAY,

ThanksGiving, ThanksLiving, ThankLaughing in this moment of the NOW,
Remembering to laugh for the Joy of Living, especially when I forget HOW.

Love to Laugh ~ Laugh to Love,

Melanie Rudolph, USA