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Manal al-Attar, CLYT

When I first heard about Laughter Yoga, I decided to attend a session, where I learned about its several health benefits. Shortly after, I was diagnosed with cancer, which came as a big shock. But, it was regular practice of laughter exercises that made a significant improvement in my health and changed my whole life.

Liz Doyle

Having been committed to my daily sessions of Laughter Yoga for the past year, I became convinced that my contentment, positivity and generally laid-back approach to life was so engrained into my psyche that nothing could alter this state. I was also pleased with my state of health in that I have been cold-free over the past year.

Ashok Sahwney Noida, India

I was initiated into Laughter Yoga in 2014. After doing it over the weekends initially, all of us in the Jalvayu Laughter Club, Noida, started doing it daily from Jan 2015. As the word spread, our membership kept on growing and now we have over 100 members. The results have been very beneficial and I personally have benefitted in physically, mentally as well as spiritually.

Emma Ferguson – CLYT, USA

Joy has been a big word for me all my life and Laughter Yoga has helped me connect to that on a very deep level through my daily practice. Physically, it has strengthened my immune system and I definitely have less bouts of cold and cough. Even my nervous system is much stronger now, which has helped to manage some scoliosis in my back.

Edie W Moser, CLYL, USA

Edie W Moser, CLYL, USA:  I have known of Laughter Yoga since I connected with Jeffrey Briar many years ago. Because I made a commitment to teaching Laughter Yoga, I know I need to be accountable and use it daily in my own life. I have been sharing it with adults and children in various settings and communities. 

Celeste Green USA

I found Laughter Yoga and meditation around eight years ago and have been a daily laugher and regular meditator for four years. Before establishing these regular practices, my mind seemed to swing like a pendulum from happy to unhappy in a matter of seconds, but with laughter and meditation, it has..

Kathryn Kimmins, Canada

More Enlightened and Happier with Laughter Yoga Kathryn Kimmins, Canada:I have been laughing every day since I heard about Laughter Yoga. It has changed my life in every aspect. Physically, I am more health conscious as I breathe more deeply and do a lot more stretching and relaxing the muscles […]

Rainee – USA

The Gift of Unconditional Joy Rainee: I’ve always been a happy person, even when many things in my world have been painful. Many throughout my life have asked me, “Are you ever down?” Of course, being human, down times are bound to happen. Most of the time, I only talk […]

Suman Suneja, Dubai

Suman Suneja: I first heard about Laughter Yoga when Dr Madan Kataria visited Dubai in 2002. I felt so relaxed and energetic after his laughter session that I decided to spread the word of laughter and its enormous benefits. I trained as a laughter professional in 2013, after going through […]

Tanaz Bamboat, CLYT – USA

Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to live with bipolar disorder for the rest of your life. Because it is not true. You can take your life back.

Tiffany, CLYT – USA

Laughter Yoga has been an empowering game changer in my life. From abuse and suffering, to freedom and abundance, my life was a disaster. I had neglected myself until nearly losing connection with several aspects of me, entirely.

Mike Forester, Canada

I am a certified Laughter Yoga leader and work as a recreation therapist that includes working with seniors while running a senior’s outreach program in Hamilton, Ontario.

Dorothy Pincus, USA

Laughter Yoga Healed My Fibromyalgia Dorothy Pincus, USA: I always considered myself a spiritual person, but nothing could have prepared me for the loss of my mother. Instead of dealing with the reality of her passing, I was in search of anything that could take my grief away. I tried […]

Dr Achyuta Samanta, India

Dr Achyuta Samanta: Founder of KITT and KISS Universities: I laughed my heart out this morning and yesterday during the laughter yoga session conducted by Dr. Madan Kataria. This is practically the first time in more than fifty years of my life that I laughed so much and for so […]

Barbara Joyce Kane, USA

I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in April 2009, which came as a terrible shock because I was not a typical fast food junkie, non-exercising American. In fact, I always followed a healthful diet with a regimen of daily walking.

Junsuke Ando, Japan

I actually could have died many years ago but here I am, now in my 70s, very much alive and kicking! Thanks to Laughter Yoga which worked miraculously to save me from three cerebral strokes, a heart attack, bankruptcy and a divorce.

Monika Roth, Germany

I Have the Best Job Ever – A Laughter Trainer! Monika Roth, Laughter Ambassador, Germany: In 2010 I was trained as a Laughter Yoga leader, after which I felt I was overflowing with happiness and soon started my Laughter Club in Abtsteinach, near Heidelberg, where we laugh every Tuesday. Before […]

Andrea Magnabosco

Laughter Yoga – Truly Life Changing I first got to know about Laughter Yoga in October 2015 and it was a life changing experience. Though my job and family was stable, my life was very boring and I wasn’t ok from within. I sensed I wasn’t complete and was not […]

Lalla Laura Ribaldone

Laughter Helped Me Cope With My Deafness Lalla Laura Ribaldone: Since 2013 my life had almost collapsed due to my husband’s illness and a subsequent divorce. I faced accusations of leaving him because of his sickness and many known people hurt my soul, which led me to self- destruction.  I […]

Liliana De Leo

It was June 2006. We were 15 people sitting in a circle, waiting for the class to begin. I was attending a 2-day training program to become a certified Laughter Yoga Leader.

Robert Rivest, USA

My Tryst With Laughter Made Me A Better Person Robert Rivest: My background is in performing arts. I have been presenting comic mime, health, literacy and stress management educational programs in schools, libraries, and theaters for over 30 years. In 2009, Mary Rives and Keith Carlson offered a Laughter Yoga […]

Kathryn Kimmins – CLYT, Canada

2 day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training A week ago I had the great fortune to spend a weekend taking the Laughter Yoga leader training with Kathryn Kimmins. It was a life changer. First, let me say what an amazing person you are! You not only led us through all […]

Lucia Mirabile – CLYL, Italy

Early years of life were marked by some painful events because I lost my parents and my relationship with my elderly sister was not very great. I felt depressed and was not interested in my future anymore. I lost all faith in life because of some negative job experiences and rampant corruption in the world.

Anne Timpany, USA

Laughter Yoga Eased My Labor Pains Eight years ago my son Cedar was born, changing my life forever. I had a water birth at home and during the last hours of labor, I got the giggles! Just when the labor got intense, it suddenly struck me as absurd that an […]

Francine Shore, USA

My mother always said that her two children had very hardy laughs. While my brother became an investment banker, I had to find something else to fall back

Kate Benak, USA

“Laughter Yoga is mindfulness based practice using fun and creative activity to reduce stress and create a sense of connection and well being,”

Lauro Lestani, Italy

I am a massage therapist and also teach Hatha Yoga. When I was six years old, my parents owned a bar, but unfortunately they did not get along.

Varuna Khullar, India

VarunaKhullar,India:Little did I know on completion of my Laughter Teacher Training on 31st May, 2015, that it will change my life forever

Sharon NgYoke Chan, Malaysia

Sharon,malaysia: I got to know about Laughter Yoga a few years ago at a Yoga Studio where I attended a 2 days laughter workshop.

Fla Geyser, Thailand

Fla Geyser,Thailand:To share this story I need to go back in time to 2008 when I arrived at a point when I had to make some big changes

Antonella Manna,Italy

Antonella Manna,Italy:health professional: For several months now, I go regularly to the oncology department to bring more laughter

Piotr Bielski, Poland

Piotr Bielski, Poland:These Laughter Yoga trips also aim at promoting the concept and making people aware of the enormous benefits of laughing.

Anak Agung Gede Sukarena, Jakarta

Anak Agung Gede Sukarena,Indonesia:When no medicines helped he resorted to meditation as well as Laughter Yoga and felt much better.

Angēla Essick Dykes, MI USA

Angela Essick Dykes,USA:Even though her first round with Laughter Yoga wasn’t that great, she came back for a second time and felt different after leaving

Kitty, Hong Kong

Kitty, Hong Kong:The only ‘decoration’ in the venue was yellow flags representing different laughing clubs from all over Taiwan.

Bernadette Mcgree, Ireland

Bernadette Mcgree, Ireland:It’s just laughing for no reason with a bunch of other people that are laughing for no reason and you feel good afterwards.

Elvie Punzalan-Estavillo

Laughter Yoga is very enjoyable. It makes people laugh even when they are sad and have problems. It removes stress

Vijay Sabharwall, India

Vijay Sabharwall,India:My husband after seeing the change in my health continues to encourage me to go to the Laughter club

Loretta Bert, Italy

Loretta Bert,Italy:I had experience with physically and mentally challenged participants, with prisoners, with blind people.

Keith, UK

Here is another interesting incident when Laughter Yoga helped me cope with a crisis

Nan Ho Yoon, South Korea

I am sure I will live the rest of my life energetically and happily with Laughter Yoga.

Gabi Pezo, Doha

I owe my sanity to Laughter Yoga. It really did help me focus on the positive

Amal, Kuwait

I also did Laughter Meditation, and ended the session with Yoga nidra which left the participants relaxed and stress free.

Piotr Bielski, Poland

I organized the celebration of World Laughter Day in three major cities of Poland, Warsaw, Cracow and Lodz

Michi Morioka, Japan

I hugged her and thanked her for giving me this life. The power and magic of Laughter Yoga never cease to amaze me.

Melina, Iran

Laughter Yoga classes also taught me another thing – that I can laugh deeply, without a reason.

Maria Manninen, Finland

I found myself smiling and laughing throughout the day

Nat Lui, Hong Kong

Ever since Sike joined the Laughter Club, her sleep became better and the blood pressure back to normal

M. Cecilia Acuna, Chile

It is this huge gift of life, which teaches people even to laugh in the midst of hardships

Leigh Meredith, Virginia

Laughter was our first language, before words. Perhaps it’s the language of the soul. It’s ancient.

Robin Regele, USA

I have added my own business Gifts of Laughter with the gifts being people themselves attending groups

Caryl Derenfeld, California

It was a 90 minute talk and activity about using positive emotions and sustained laughter as a stress relief tool

Dana Kaplan

I instantly felt how laughter was a huge help in letting go of judgment of myself and of others

Caryl Derenfeld, USA

Laughter Yoga has taught me how and why we laugh in the face of adversity

Maurine Pachter, SA

It has been said laughter is “the best medicine”. And yes, it has proven to be true. When you are a child you do not think about the benefits, you just laugh

Michelle Major, Ireland

Our world needs more joy and laughter. Yet, somehow, when we become adults, we often lose the sense of playfulness we once enjoyed as children

Peter Schupp, Australia

I can use my personality and Laughter Yoga has captured my heart and soul.

Corinne Cosseron, France

There were happy and sublime Indian women, dressed in colorful saris, laughing with all their heart on television

Marina Ma, Hong Kong

I found that it is suitable for clients because it is easy to learn such as breathing or clapping exercises

Allison Marcotte, USA

It changed my life for the better. Mentally, laughing elevates the mood and improves brain functioning and communication skills

Pauline Fung, HongKong

I became a certified Laughter Yoga teacher and joined a Laughter Club which felt fantastic and amazingly wonderful.

Amit Kharbanda, Spain

Laughter is an amazing action-reaction system in our life which if done consciously it can transform our life very positively into a peaceful and joyful life

Dick Yu, Hong Kong

He has even done laughter sessions for the blind elderly home as well as for the mentally disabled

Arthur Fun

Laughter Yoga has also improved my relationship with my mother, because now we laugh more often together

Chico Kanan, Okinawa

laughter helped us to get over the sadness and grief due to sudden death of one of our members

Loretta Bert , Italy

Dr. Kataria and Laughter Yoga taught me the meaning of inner joy instead of happiness

Dr. Dave MacQuarrie, Canada

Laughter Yoga is the best remedy for complete body – mind wellness. This is because it is a unique exercise routine which does not require humor

Susan Dustin, Thailand

laughter increased their charge’s lung capacity, reduced pain and produced endorphins as well as provided a more positive outlook

Koichi, Japan

Koichi, Japan: I have discovered a great way of keeping happy when in dire situations. I use fake laughter as motion creates emotion

Bakhyt Zhunussova, Kazakhstan

I chanced upon Dr. Madan Kataria and his wife Madhuri Kataria, who introduced me to Laughter Yoga.

Pauline Fung, HongKong

Pauline Fung, HongKong: I intend to help people seeking emotional support and who find it difficult to cope with life’s challenges

Tullio Altieri, South Africa

Tullio Altieri, South Africa: My life has changed because I learnt to shift my focus to the positive qualities and possibilities in myself and others

Chandana Anandi, Malaysia

Chandana Anandi, Malaysia: I have found a wonderful means of expressing my desire to be unconditionally loving.

Madhav Mhaske, India

Madhav Mhaske, India: It was a wonderful experience to go through the Silence Retreat program and observe three types of meditations namely Silence, Hearing and Humming

Andrea Betke, Germany

Andrea Betke, Germany: I was able to understand the profound meaning of Laughter Yoga – my own feeling of joy

Heine Bo Hansen, denmark

Heine Bo Hansen, denmark: If I can make just one person laugh, which didn’t think he or she was able to, my mission is complete

Sheena Tan, Malaysia

Sheena Tan, Malaysia: Laughing releases ‘feel-good’ hormones into the bloodstream, which makes the person feel lighter

Sabina Gerin, Italy

Sabina Gerin, Italy: I now live every moment of my life in joy, because I feel I am ‘perfectly imperfect’ as others

Melanie Rudolph, USA

Melanie Rudolph, USA: When I reflect upon meaningful life experiences and in this case, past Laughter Yoga presentations

Cynthia Newsome, USA

Cynthia Newsome, USA:For years, I knew about the importance of laughter and good health; but I have to admit that I had never heard of a laughter workout.

Eiko Saito, Japan

Eiko Saito, Japan: I’ve also opened a “Laughter Cafe” in my house to help spread the magic of laughter ha ha ha.

Matthew Byas, USA

Matthew Byas, USA: Thank you Dr. Kataria and everyone involved in this profound yet simple and accessible creation

Susan Dustin, Thailand

Susan Dustin, Thailand: I believe laughter can help us retune bad things and make them better and at times even into wonderful blessings

Peggy Tileston, USA

Peggy Tileston,Usa: When I first heard about Laughter Yoga, I was sceptical and a bit creeped out by the idea of forcing myself and others to laugh.

Mayra L. Avila, USA

Mayra L. Avila, USA: Highly inspired by the positive results, I plan to promote and expand Laughter Yoga trainings

Pauline Ginnelly, Scotland

Pauline Ginnelly, Scotland: To me Laughter Yoga hasn’t changed my life – it has changed me

Jackie Curran, NSW-Australia

Jackie Curran,Australia: In keeping with the idea and worldwide mission of Dr. Kataria, Laughter Clubs are a free community program

Lisa Pettersen, USA

Lisa Pettersen, USA: Laughter Yoga was the ‘Game-changer’ that helped me do it-one laugh at a time….

Erika Ruiz, USA

Erika Ruiz, USA: Laughter Yoga in my patients’ sessions, and the joy it brings to their lives—especially those who suffer from Alzheimer’s.

Kelsey Miller, USA

Kelsey Miller, USA: The magic behind this concept is that the brain doesn’t know the difference between fake and real laughter

Laura Toffolo,Italy

Laura Toffolo,Italy: There were many endorphins in my body after 5 laughing days!!! Nevertheless

Zabotin Andrey, Moscow

Zabotin Andrey,Russia: Motivated by the worldwide spread of Laughter Yoga, I became a laughter teacher

Sylvie Dagenais-Douville

Sylvie Dagenais,Canada: but Laughter Yoga makes it easier as it is a physical phenomenon, not a mental process.

Chandanna Denzayll, Malaysia

Chandanna Denzayll, Malaysia: In conclusion, Laughter Yoga really works as an effective means of bringing relief in situations of intense pain and trauma

Erdinc, USA

Erdinc, USA: it has taught me to have a lighter perspective. It has given me the ability to have a joyful approach to the journey of life.

Shareen Richter, Johannesburg South Africa

Shareen Richter, South Africa: It was a life changing experience for her. She had never laughed so much in her entire life

Lauren Hunt, USA

Lauren Hunt, USA: I discovered that this was a unique concept where anyone could laugh for no reason

Mayra Avila, Texas

Mayra Avila,USA: Being a Laughter Yoga teacher has helped my confidence level and I feel that I am ready to face any life challenges

Mandy Riches, UK

Mandy Riches, UK: I was devastated to have to deal with cancer again, and this time it hit me much harder emotionally.

Dr. Annelie Gareis, Ecuador

Dr. Annelie Gareis, Ecuador: I have found my place in this life, where I can feel the joy of life by doing what I really like

Thomas TOPOLANEK, Austria

Thomas TOPOLANEK, Austria: Laughteryoga I became a healthier, loving, caring and optimistic person who inspires his environment through his balance, joyfulness and positive attitude.

Sophie Terrasse, Canada

It’s true: laughing is good for the body and afterwards you just feel like you’re on a cloud

Kimmy O’ Meara

Laughter Yoga gave me a postive mental attitude to go through the most challenging phase of my life

Alex, Israel

Laughter Yoga and Dr. Madan Kataria changed my Karma in life.

Tanaz Bamboat, USA

It was so interesting to watch my son go from scared, nervous to relaxed and happy as your class progressed

Nili Dor HaElla, Israel

Thank you laughter yoga, and Dr Kataria, thank you laughter club, My life is totally changed.

Greg Govinda, Australia

Laughter Yoga has brought many changes in my life. At first it challenged me to face some hidden fears

Marlene Chertok, USA

The language barrier doesn’t seem to matter-You see Laughter is a universal language

Nita Ng, Malaysia

Now I laugh more easily at anything and everything in my daily life and wish to share this joy with the world

Josephine Tan Sioh Hoon

I no longer require the sleeping pill and there was no disruption in my sleep. I felt light hearted

Dianne Theil McNinch, USA

I first heard about Laughter Yoga on the American TV show ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Maj Britt, Denmark

I feel better now dealing with such people. I have the ability to laugh at myself

Eileen, New York

Laughter Yoga has increased my confidence ten fold. While coaching at a breath work seminar

Mangla, India

Now, I can do a lot of work with my hands

Mr. Vishwamohan, India

He firmly believes that laughter helped him rejuvenate and nurtured him to good health

Jagan Nath Naik, India

which helped to bring more laughter into my life. Now, I’am laughing more often

Jamna, India

hearty laughter improved my hearing power and I feel much better

Anna, Denmark

There was a remarkable change and I found myself much happier

Brigette, Denmark

Laughter works on both physical and psychological level; therefore the whole health care can be transformed


I felt my childlike laughter coming back. I was dancing and playing.

Jan MacQuarrie, Canada

I made the most of what I had learned in the laughter movement

Maganlal ji Pandit, India

two years of continued Laughter Yoga exercises, Pandit ji says the stiffness in the back is all gone long ago

Dr. S.H. Patil, Mumbai

Laughter Yoga has helped me overcome severe acidity that I was suffering from during my career days

Usuff Omar, Australia

In that state all stresses melted away and nothing worldly bothered me anymore