Laughter Yoga and Dr. Madan Kataria changed my Karma in life

Sukumar Satapathy

Laughter Yoga and Dr. Madan Kataria changed my Karma in life. I was initiated to this unique concept while in India in 2003. Until then, I had a very difficult childhood and faced many traumas which had made me very neurotic, depressed, pessimistic and full of fears. I never had any laughter, joy or satisfaction and lived in the middle of violence. Besides, the army too contributed to my loneliness and low self esteem.

After I left India I went to Ethiopia where I actively practiced Laughter Yoga. A year later, in 2004, I returned to Israel and wanted to promote my first Laughter Yoga club there. I invited Dr. Kataria and started peace building activities through laughter among the war ravaged Jews and Arabs. It took a few years to develop the idea of Inner Spirit of Laughter and Gibberish Therapy which were the ways that allowed us to laugh on everything that happens in our life. I learnt that only when we give in to judgments, interpretations and expectations, we really to start laugh from within.

Gibberish has been my new path of life since 2005. In fact, I have changed my personality from a complaining and self victimized person to someone who created his own reality and helped others to imbibe the power of laughter. I’m pleased and amazed to see how individuals become less negative and are more accepting of circumstances. Laughter really allowed me to become the master of my immune system and vital forces. So laugh your way through challenges through Gibberish and learn to look at life philosophically.

I really don’t know where I would have been if I hadn’t ‘accidentally’ stumbled on Dr. Kataria’s book, ‘Laugh all your way to health’ sometime in May 2003 in Bangalore. The whole incident changed my life and the way I look at it now.

Thanks Dr. Kataria

Alex (Israel)