Laughing would lighten me up and make me a happy self…

Sukumar Satapathy

Short interview with Maj Britt, Denmark taken by Dr. Kataria. Laughter has really changed my attitude. I’m a gym instructor and when I first joined the club, I thought it would be good for the body and the immune system. But, later I realized that the mental and soul benefits were the ones for me. I started with the physical benefits but now I can feel my soul healing. The main part is that I’ve opened up and it has helped me in knowing myself. Though tough, it was a lot of fun.

How has it changed your life?

My son feels it is very good for me. I was a very serious person and not good at play. Now I’m more playful and not that serious. At the moment I’m feeling very low and depressed but I know that laughing would lighten me up and make me a happy self.

How has laughter helped you in communicating with people?

The most beautiful thing about laughter is that you can make mistakes…… I come from a family where no one is supposed to make any mistakes. It is such a relief to know that one can make a mistake and it’s OK.

How has laughter helped you deal with negative people around you?

I feel better now dealing with such people. I have the ability to laugh at myself. Even if someone says anything, I just laugh it off. It’s all about attitude and I now have a different attitude towards people and things.

You suffered a rejection in your life some time back. Has laughter helped in dealing with it?

I was rejected by someone I loved. We had a lot of problems and then suddenly he left without a goodbye. I was very sad and then I remembered what you and your wife Madhuri told me. You both taught me to say ‘So What’ and that’s exactly what I said. I felt so much compassion. I started crying and ended up laughing. I could see how ridiculous the whole thing was and I felt much better. Even now, my favorite exercise is Crying Laughter. I feel I can do anything in the Universe