Life Changing Experiences

From A Serious Legal Person To Laughter Champion

I want to share my journey from a serious Company Secretary to a Laughter Champion. I lived in the same building as Dr. Kataria in Mumbai. I was a very serious and introverted person, and hardly laughed. I worked as a Company Secretary dealing wi..

Laughter Yoga Lifts Spirits After Heart Transplant

On July 7, 2007, I celebrated my 67th birthday and three months of my heart transplant. I had a great party with friends and family who supported me through my new heart adventure! Did I mention I received my new heart on April Fools Day? It fits..

Laughter Yoga Therapy In Multiple Sclerosis

This is the story of how Laughter Yoga helped Vanessa Coéllar, an Architect from Mexico City, cope with Multiple Sclerosis. I have Multiple Sclerosis since five years, and I can tell you it’s a terrible disease. Your life doesn&rsquo..

Chicago Training was Truly a Transformation

I recently had the opportunity to attend Laughter Yoga Teacher Training in Chicago. The leader of the training was Dr. Kataria, the creator of the concept of Laughter Yoga. This training lasted five-days and was filled with sessions which often s..

Laughter Clubs Connect People

I was first introduced to Laughter Yoga when I watched Mira Nair’s documentary on Dr. Kataria and his “Laughing Club of India.” Soon after, I attended the Laughter Yoga training in Toronto and became a certified Laughter Yoga le..

I Found My Happiness With Laughter Yoga

An emotionally painful past led me to turn to relationships to fill myself with happiness as an adult. After my 3,334th love relationship failed (ok, not really the 3,334th, but you get the idea), I finally had a great ..

Laughter Yoga Reduced My Knee Pain

I had heard about Laughter Clubs and the benefits people were getting by practicing Laughter Yoga. Since the last 10 years, I have been suffering from Advanced Osteoarthritis of the knee joints, which has severely hampered my mobility. Even after..

Laughter Yoga Transformed My Life

I was certified as a Laughter Yoga Leader in 2008 and as a Teacher in 2009. It really hasn’t been that long and yet, because Laughter Yoga feels so right, time has been rendered meaningless. It has become an integral part of who I am, not j..

Laughter Yoga Brought Back Laughter In My Life

I first saw your “Laughing Clubs of India” documentary on January 15, 2008. I had always loved to laugh, but your idea of laughing for no reason was completely new to me. I instantly knew, after watching the film, what was missing fro..

Laughter Yoga – Great Pain Killer

For several days I had been suffering with acute pain in my ribs, till last week when the reason for the pain was diagnosed as shingles. This was a first for me, but I had seen shingles in many of my residents, as well as my mother during her can..

More Relaxed More Happy With Laughter Yoga

I’m a member of the original laughter club at Lokhandwala Complex started by Dr. Kataria in 1995. All these years I have been going to the club, but, it was only a few days ago my husband visited the club with his friend. They found it so r..